Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Short and Fast Week

That's the way it seemed to me anyway, how about you?  Part of my day off on Wednesday was spent baking fifteen zucchini loaves, my how we do like zucchini bread.  Many thanks to Tracy for the zucchini she gave me. She had a very full harvest this year and was kind enough to share with a number of people.

Then of course we had the registration on Thursday for the Mega Crop weekend.
With some ladies waiting at the door for us to arrive and each of them signing up for themselves and perhaps a friend or two, the early bird special was gone in no time!
By the end of the day we had thirty two people registered and now there are only two spots left.  So if you were thinking about registering but haven't yet, don't delay or the Mega Crop weekend will begin without you.  

Don't forget too that the class we offer at the weekend Mega Crop is open to others even if you aren't able to attend the whole weekend.  Just drop in and register for the class only.  I know there are a few spots left in it and for just $20.00 it's a great value.

Sunday we celebrated Emily's 11th birthday with a lovely barbecue.  She was really happy with all her gifts of course, but I think Mike Wazowski found a special place in her heart.
Today she sent me the photos she'd taken of Mike and the card her Mommy made her and the one that I made for her.  She thought I'd like to put them on the blog she said.

First let's introduce you to Mike....
Now you can see that Mike has four tiny fingers and four tiny toes.
My oh my they were a challenge to crochet.  With just three stitches for each finger or toe, to crochet in a round was to say the least, a little compact.
However whilst travelling last weekend I was able to make both legs, then one of them vanished so I had to make another....just so much fun!!!

All worth it when I saw the look on Emily's face.  Also as she realised I had tricked her into choosing the yarn colour for me under the pretext of making something else.

And here is the card that Linda made for Emily.  
Some of you ladies may remember making a card similar to this one in a Thursday technique class.  Linda took the same idea and personalised it for Emily.

Can you guess two of her favourite colours?

Here's the outside of the card I made for Emily's birthday.
The tag on the outside is a bookmark as well because she does love to read.
She took two photos of the flower burst inside the card so that you could see the full effect.  

The flowers burst open as she opened the card and such an easy pop out card to make. 
She does like the action cards...LOL.
Don't you think she did some lovely photography too of all the things she wanted to share with you?

I haven't had a lot of time this week to browse the web for many crafting ideas for you as we begin the prep work for not only the Mega Crop weekend, but of course the All Day Christmas Card classes which are coming up soon.
Did you see in Linda's newsletter that registration has opened for the Christmas Card Classes now?  If you've asked us to pencil your name in for a particular week, make sure you call and confirm with your class payment to secure your spot.

Here are a few links that you may like though.

I found this free pattern for a really smart looking masculine scarf.  I would suggest it's not a beginner knitters pattern, but I believe if you want to make something be it hard or easy, you can do it.

If you're an embroiderer how about  this fun free design.   There are some great photos here showing you how to use an embroidery hoop and great tip at the end of the article too.

Or maybe you like to keep your "stuff" organised so that you know what you have and can see it at a glance.  

Well then how about making this mini swatch book of all the Cuttlebug folders that you own.  A great way to see them at a glance and perhaps use them more frequently.

One of the ladies that signed up for the Mega Crop Weekend was asking the best way to prepare for the weekend to be the most productive. 

I always tell people of Barb who attends the Mega Crop weekends and for a couple of weeks prior to the weekend will come into the store with her file folder or page protector that has a page sketch she intends to follow, along with the photos she will use for that page. Between us we choose the papers that she likes for that sketch and they go into the folder too.
Not only does this help her to be super productive, it's the best way to purchase paper, rather than pads that you may only use half of, or papers that you fall in love with when you see them but can never quite put them to use.
I also mentioned how we had included an article in the spring with great tips to enable a scrapper to do just that which also made some suggestions as to how to pack for a weekend too.

So thought I would link you back to that again, especially as I know there are a group of scrappers coming from a distance who have to do some "creative packing" in order to get themselves as well as their "stuff" into the vehicle.
Anyway the article is worth the read to be well prepared for this Mega Crop, just scroll down a little on the blog post to read it.

Until Later....Happy Crafting


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