Monday, August 26, 2013

Yikes - I See This Blog Didn't Post on the Scheduled Day!!!

Can you believe that summer is almost over and the children will be returning to school very soon?  It seems just a few short weeks ago that we were at the Grade Eight Graduation!

I am typing this up on Wednesday August 21 which was a special day for my sister and brother in law some 42 years ago.  I'll leave you to figure out what it was but I hope they received their card on time.

They are at a trade show together today (August 21st), so not sure how much celebrating they'll have been doing.

Have you been crafting this week, or are you enjoying the last weeks of summer? I've been busily crocheting my craft for Emily.  I gather from some of you that the image I inserted in last week's blog didn't show up, so I guess you'll have to wait until I take a photo of Mike.

Speaking of crochet, I came upon these really easy crocheted slippers on a blog. If you go here, Rachel Symons has prepared and shared a really clear tutorial and pattern.

If you don't know how to crochet, then maybe now is the time to do something for the first time? 

Take the opportunity of learning to crochet at one of our Friday night Crop and Craft Nights.  You simply have to give us the heads up as you register and we will arrange to teach you the beginning steps.

Knitting Washcloth QuartetPerhaps knitting is more your forte? We've just received lots of new cotton yarns in the store that can be used to make these lovely dishcloths.  
Not only that, here is a website with numerous patterns that you can enjoy making.  The same thing goes with knitting, if you don't know how and would like to learn, then Friday night Crop and Craft Nights would be ideal for you too. 

And for all you crafters that love to embroider, here's a fantastic blog where she shows you more stitches than you might sew in a lifetime.  This lovely flower is stitched using long and short stitches and begins as nothing much, but ends looking lovely as you can see.  She has a very clear picture tutorial  here to stitch this design, but on her sidebar, you will see links to many other tutorials.  This is definitely a keeper blog for any needle artist.

Now for the paper crafters among us. 

Specifically those who have either the Cameo or Portrait digital cutters.  Have you ever wanted to use a particular font but wanted it to be fatter than it was?  Kerri Bradford goes through the steps here to show you how you can thicken the font quite easily.  

You don't have a Cameo or Portrait machine?  Well drop into the store and we'll be pleased to tell you all about them and arrange a demo if you would like. See pictures of them both to the right.  You can do the most amazing things with your machine using it not only for paper cutting and your scrapbook pages or cards that you make.  Crafting will never be the same for you again with one of these machines.  

Linda's stepson has become quite adept at it as he decorates his vehicle with the outdoor vinyl.  He even has his own folder on the computer where he stores the files he's made.  On Sunday we were putting logos on a tent trailer and pin-striping on a vehicle.  

My daughter Sandra's machine is hardly still at the moment as she's designing and cutting in readiness for our Disney Cruise later this fall.  
The possibilities really are endless and either machine is only limited by your imagination.

Remember that....
                       .Why You Should Craft Your Heart Out
....Until Later....Happy Crafting


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