Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What a Whirlwind Couple of Weeks!!!

With registration for the crop weekend at the end of August and then registration for the All Day Christmas Card Classes, I feel like I've been in the middle of a whirlwind!  On top of that our family holiday is fast coming upon us as well.

Here's some of what my daughter Sandra has been busy making on her Silhouette machine.  
These will be put on the doors of our cabin when we sail on our Disney cruise.
Aren't they great? 
She's also made a number of plain black Mickey heads as fillers.

Each one of us has a particular Disney character as well.  I'll show you them a little later as there's still some detail work to be done.

She didn't stop there though.  She went on to make us all lanyards to hold our cabin keys.  The heads are made from two small and one larger metal washer.  Sandra then coloured them with nail polish, wired them together to make Mickey heads and with good old Glossy Accents, attached them to the ribbon lanyards.  The photo shows eight and there are nine of us going, so one more to go before she's done with these. Hard on the hands as she wires the metal washers together.

Amazing what a little creative thinking can achieve isn't it.

We have many talented scrapbookers in our midst too(see a sampling to the right and more here) and as the scrapbooking registrants prepare for their busy weekend in October, they have been asking a number of questions on how best to prepare for the weekend.  (Only two spots left in this weekend, so get moving if you think you want to participate in a weekend of fun, learning and laughter).

Last week I directed you to this article on preparation, just scroll down a little to read the article. 

Another question we've been asked is how to find a "catchy" title for the pages that are created.  Well here's another link I've directed you to before, but well worth looking at again and maybe even bookmarking it for future reference.  
On the left hand side you will see Titles, Quotes and Sayings.  If you click on one that seems pertinent to the page you are creating, for example, Beach. Then a list of ideas for beach pages will be displayed down the middle.  
Even if they don't quite hit the mark for you, chances are they'll get the juices flowing and you'll come up with your own unique title.

We also have card makers gearing up for the Christmas season as they registered for the All Day Christmas Card Classes. Can you believe that in just a little over five days all three classes were totally filled? It leaves us reeling in disbelief sometimes I can tell you.  
That's sixty ladies that have signed up to these classes.

On the left you will see one of the cards from last years Christmas Card Class.

One of the questions I was asked by a card maker was, where do you get the verses for inside your cards?  Well I do have a file of verses that I've compiled over the years by looking in store bought cards I've received, but I've also have found some websites that have been helpful.  
Here's one that I bumped into just recently and though I haven't had much time to browse through it thoroughly, on the surface it looks interesting.  
It's in alphabetical order and first you need to find the category that interests you, for example, anniversary.  Then simply click on the red arrow and a series of ideas will scroll by for you to use.  You would then have to type them up into a program such as Word and print the verse.

So how did all you Mommy's make out in the first week of school?  
With mixed up schedules or lack thereof to begin with, High School is a new experience for both Jonathan and Rachel.  
For Emily this is the first time she's been in Public School without either her big sister or cousin, so different for her too this year.  

Back to School : Dry Erase Chore Charts. Get the free printable at the36thavenue.com
I came across these two crafts for school that you may find worth exploring to help keep you and your children organized. This one to the right can be found here and Desiree has created two printable files to make this lovely dry erase board in a frame. Just scroll down a little and you will see a place to click to take you to the file.

The other craft I found showed how with a little stitching you can alter a plain ordinary binder into a very functional and attractive storage binder. 
Hop on over here to see a clear tutorial.

Speaking of sewing, I'll have another doll to show you soon.  

Rachel has been busily creating a "sister" to Sunflower, scroll down a little and you will see the doll she mad and gave away to her cousin in England.  Just a few little touch ups to her hairband and she will be ready to be entered into this year's Fall Fair.  With a busy summer working at Santa's Village, Rachel has diligently tea dyed, cut and sewn this doll again from scratch.  Thanks to her Aunty Marta giving her a mop she made the hair with some of the mop strands.  She was surprised how easy it was to make after looking at this tutorial here

I heard from Pauline this week that she took advantage of a link for the crochet slipper tutorial that I gave you a couple of weeks ago here.  She told me they were very quick and easy to make.  It's always interesting to hear back from people as they make use of the links  I put into the blog.  There are some wonderful, creative, sharing people out there in blog-land who simply love to craft!

Did you see in the newsletter the Distress Ink card that we made in class last week?  How I love the magic of those inks.  A plain white sheet of cardstock, an inking tool and very little effort will change that sheet of cardstock into a magical colour of your choice. Here are a few more samples that were created with the Distress Ink and Scotch Glue technique.

Until Later...
Happy Crafting and Remember to..........


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