Monday, September 16, 2013

The Season it is a Changing

We have lots of activity at our bird feeder right now and the squirrels are busily stocking up for winter too. Won't be long now before we are raking up the leaves instead of cutting the grass.  Have you ever thought about that?  Winter we shovel snow, Spring we pick up the winter debris, Summer we cut grass and Fall we rake leaves, hmmm condo living almost sounds attractive. Operative word...almost.

Did you go to the Fall Fair this weekend?   My hubby and I went on Friday night with Linda's family.  The girls were most excited to find out how their fall entries fared.  As you know Rachel entered the doll that she made recently and Emily entered some art work, a scrapbook page and bracelet. We bumped into Jonathan there too and he had entered some of his photography.  

He's been getting lots of pointers from his Uncle Randy, Linda's husband.

Well you can imagine they were all pretty pleased to find they had ribbons on their various works of art. 

Emily had a first in her age group and category for her bracelet with an honorable mention for her scrapbook page.  

Rachel and Jonathan both had a second in their age group and categories. Their age group went from thirteen to nineteen (they are fourteen) which is quite a wide age range, so they were very happy with their results.

All in all there were many entries and although I have to admit I much prefer to look at the needle art and crafting type categories, there were some pretty nice looking food entries there too.  Linda and I were able to recognise a number of cross stitch items that had been sold from our store and beautifully worked and then matted and framed.

I'm very much a fall person and was really taken with a cross stitch fall scene that was quite stunning.

Though not a quilter I can very much appreciate the art form and the hours that go into making a quilt, so they were a pleasure to look at too.  I do hope you had the opportunity to wander around the exhibits as I did and along with that to meet your friends and neighbors there too.

Very soon now Linda and I will be off on vacation for a short time.  When our daughter Sandra's boss asked her what she was doing for her vacation and where she was going, her response was the best  of what we like...a cruise and Disney all in one.

I've been busily working on the cards ready for the Christmas Card classes when we return and Linda's been creating the samples for the Scrapbooking weekend.  
I do believe there is only one spot left for the weekend, so if you're sitting on the fence....get off it before the gate is closed!

All in all we will have our feet down running when we get back, but we will be ready.

We mentioned last week that all the Christmas Card Classes were filled now, but we're still been getting inquiries about them.  If you missed out on the three classes but would like the opportunity still, then get in touch with either Elaine or Judy and have them put your name down on a waiting list.  
If there's enough interest we will open up a fourth class on a Saturday in November, though don't know a date yet.

It always interests Linda and I how many long distance customers we have. On Saturday I had a customer from Saskatchewan phone me wanting us to send some pillowcases and dressers scarves out to her.   We've done this a number of times as she's unable to source them around her and she was vacationing here a couple of years ago when she came into the store and saw what we carry.

Early last week we had another couple of ladies in from PEI saying much the same thing, though cross stitch was their passion.  They went out with a number of projects and a business card.  We often don't appreciate that which is on our own doorstep until we hear from others what we have that they can't access.  Made me do a mental walk around our town and realise we have a nice variety of shopping experiences here.

This is the cross stitch that I so admired at the fall fair (not the actual one, an image of the design).

Does it make you want to learn to cross stitch?  We have some lovely beginner pieces in the store and would be happy to get you started.

I think at least two of us will be cross stitching as we journey down to Cape Canaveral this week.

Or if embroidery is what you would like to learn then we have stamped pillowcases like this, along with many other designs.
If pillowcases aren't what you are looking for, then there are quilt blocks to embroider, tea towels, dresser scarves to name a few.
You won't be bored this winter if you learn a new craft. Keeping your hands busy will make the long winter will fly by.

For the knitters that come into our store I thought you may like to know about this.  I subscribe to Leisure Arts website and every Friday they put out a free knitting and crochet pattern.  The other week their free pattern was the most delightful Pierre the Beret Bear.  You can see him here, though unfortunately he is no longer free...still cute though and he has a sister too.

I had told another customer who was knitting some lovely bears for the Christmas Shoe Box program of a doll my mother used to make for the same reason.  Our customer had said, lovely though the bears were...and they indeed were, they were very time consuming hence she couldn't make as many as she would like.

When I linked her up with these comfort dolls, she was thrilled because now she can make and donate so many more dolls. 

Here's the link for the easy doll pattern, just scroll down a little to read the pattern many more dolls. 
Although the pattern shows them as one piece, our customer knits them on a knitting loom in the round. She changes colours as she goes and then simply sews in the arm and leg placement after they're stuffed.

This is the teddy bear that my sister-in-law in England has been knitting for the Fish and Chip baby charities. 
So many people in Africa have so little that they are taking their babies home wrapped in paper and have been dubbed "Fish and Chip" babies.  Many groups are knitting for these babies.

How can anyone say they're bored or have nothing to do when there are so many worthwhile charities out there just looking for help.

I hope that once again I've inspired you to try something new, or use the skills you have to keep your hands busy for yourself or others.

Until Later....Happy Crafting



  1. Hi Lilian - You are correct in saying we often do not have access to the supplies we need for crafting at our fingertips. In Sudbury our choices for shopping are very limited! One craft store and Michaels which is the reason I always stop by to browse when in town for a visit. Your store has been mentioned in many conversations! Enjoy your well deserved holiday and we will see you at the weekend crop.... Lynda B.

  2. Any time you know you are heading this way Lynda and want us to make sure we have something you need, just email us and we'll either order it in ready for your arrival, or hold it for you if we have it in stock. See you in October