Monday, July 8, 2013

Fun in the Sun.

Have you  found the perfect craft to enjoy during these sunny summer days?   We have many people who love to sit on the dock and make friendship bracelets whether knotted or by using the friendship weaving wheels.
Here are a few examples of braided friendship bracelets.  There are some great instructions over on this blog. 

Take a look here for a great friendship wheel YouTube video.  Above are some examples of patterns that you can create with the foam wheels.  

Pearl and crystal bracelet
Using these wheels you can add beads to your cords making very attractive bracelets like this one, which is called Kumihimo Weaving.

You can make any of these with embroidery floss or parachute cord, either of which we have in stock at the store.  We also have the friendship wheel kits that you see in the YouTube video.

Did  you look at the website from last week with the popsicle sticks on stretch canvas? 
Here's my interpretation of that craft.
I used a stretch canvas board painted dark brown, the larger popsicle sticks stained with a light brown paint. With scissors, I cut the rounded ends from the popsicle sticks and then cut them to varying lengths to create an interesting design.
Using both tacky glue for long lasting results and hot glue for instant stick, I adhered the popsicle sticks onto the board.
The finishing touch to the board was jute that I glued around the sides with tacky glue.

To decorate the front, I used scrapbooking word stickers and Jolees die cut trees.  Made a pretty nice summer wall art for the cottage I thought and a pretty simple craft to make as well.
All  the supplies are available in the store.
The sample is also there if you'd like a closer look.

Rachel was having fun on the weekend with paints and water colour paper. Her activity made me want to find you a tutorial using water colour pencils on a scrapbooking page. Seemed like a daunting task, but I Googled and came up with this.

An amazingly simple technique, but a really nice way of making letters for a title on a page.  Hop over to the blog to find out how to create this yourself.   Don't forget the same technique can be used on a card as well.

Linda was telling me of some people that she had in the store the other day.  They were actually vacationing in our area from Vancouver, where they own a paper crafting store.  As they were driving by they noticed our sign and the lady came in to "check us out".
Having chatted with Linda a little, she said she was going to send her husband in.   They had small children in the vehicle that they didn't want to bring into the store.
Apparently her husband is the one that teaches the card classes at their store and she was so impressed by what she saw in our store that she wanted him to see the cards that we offer to our customers.

Have you registered for the All Day Card Class yet?  Although the first class is full, we have a few spots left in the second class on Saturday August 5th.  Each  of the cards are quite different techniques and are a good mix which I'm sure will be enjoyed.
It's a great time to spend with fellow cardmakers enjoying the same craft that you love.  

So if you're thinking of joining us, don't delay much longer and miss your opportunity. As these words say, your second chance is tomorrow, so call and get registered.

As a little tease, let me tell you that we will be playing with distress inks, using vellum, creating fancy fold cards, fun birthday cards, elegant wedding or anniversary cards.....something for everyone....see you there.

Until Later....Happy Crafting



  1. I really wish you wouldn't tease and tempt me! Alcohol inks, vellum, fancy folding, sounds intriguing. I almost booked a flight to come and join in what sounds like a lot of inspirational creativity.
    Have fun everyone


  2. How nice it would have been, but I suppose life (new baby) and work prevented you from doing so right?

  3. Yep, pretty much as you stated...going to visit bump on Friday see how the nest building is coming along! Dad to be has been assembling cots etc...

  4. Very cool site! I am going to use the canvas craft for mothers day!