Monday, February 11, 2013

What a Month!

February is never the best month of the year, but it's certainly testing us this year isn't it.  Further to Emily's comment last week about going to school one week for the Friday only and the following week every day but Friday.  Her latest comment was....."Yay! A four day weekend."

I wouldn't like to be the decision maker in the early hours of the morning regarding whether the school buses will run or not.

In talking to my one sister in England tonight, she tells me they had more snow today, but it was gone by the evening.  They've had far more snow this year than they usually have too.
My other sister in Belleville said that my nephew Brian had flown in from B.C. to do two speaking engagements of which one was cancelled because of the weather.  
It's his birthday next week, so Evelyn made a card for him using one of the cards from last week's Technique Class as her model.  He doesn't look at the blog, so I'm safe putting it on here.  

Don't you love the way she made it her own by using just two strips instead of three and putting the monogram on as the focal point....great job Evelyn.


Anyway moving on to that warm lovely red time of year  - Valentine's day, which will soon be upon us.  I thought I'd show you what Linda and Emily were creating on the weekend for Emily's classmates. (Note, if you're one of her classmates Mom's, please don't show this to them before Valentines Day.)

Emily found an idea on the internet that she liked of some Super Hero Suckers.  The sentiment was printed on the card stock leaving some space for the cutting of the cape, which was easy enough. Emily used her decorative scissors to edge the bottom of the cape.   

However the mask created a bit of a challenge given that they were so small and 26 to cut.  Linda drew a rough shape on lined school paper  and quickly decided that they WERE NOT doing this 26 times.  

So she coloured the rough cut in with her black Permapaque Pen, much to Emily's chagrin at  first until she realised where they were heading.  The next step was to take a photo of the blacked in mask on the right and email it to herself.  

She then imported this image into the Silhouette program.
Traced and tweaked the shape a little then duplicated it.  Here's a shot of her Silhouette screen with a 12 x 12 work space so that you can see how many she got on a small piece of card stock and how close together she was able to have them cut.  So much easier as Tammy (one of our cardmakers) would say than fancy cutting...LOL!

After punching some red hearts for the cape and a quick assembly Emily is ready for Valentines day as you can see.

And how about you?  Have you created a card for your Sweetie yet? Here's a sentiment that I made tonight that you are welcome to use. Right click on the image so that you can get a larger copy of it. After copying it, paste it into your word publishing program to use it. You can size it to whatever you need for your card.

The font is Edwardian Script and the image I found by doing a Google Images search.  I then removed the colour to make it a black and grey image and faded it behind the words, putting a border around the edge.   If you took our recent technique class you will know how with red Stickles you can highlight any of the hearts you choose and make them pop.  

Are you one of the ones that receives any blog updates into your email inbox and were able to register quickly for the new All Day Card Class date?  Some have already taken advantage of the early notice that the blog allows.  I can't say it often enough, but if you want to be able to know when I post something new on the blog then go to the right side bar, just below the store photo where it says.......


Click in the box just below that, type in your email and follow the steps and you will know the day after I post something new on the blog.

Finally, for all of you who are so kindly asking how Rachel and Jonathan are doing in Quebec.  They are both ready to come home now, which is natural as we all miss home when we are away, but both are having a great time with their host families.  
Today all the students were at Radio Canada and interacting with the station.  From what I understand, some were chosen to participate with the radio and some with the television.  I believe they all had an opportunity to participate though.  Rachel was an announcer, Jonathan worked with the cameramen.   
They've both had their struggles with language comprehension, nothing to do  with speaking it, but Quebecers will speak faster and obviously more fluently.  Both have learned tremendously and feel their skills have grown and now if they have to do laundry know how to say that too! 

They still have a tour of the city to come, a visit to circus school and a play day.

The teachers have been amazing and kudos to the principal for his part in making this happen and being there even though he apparently doesn't speak french.

Until Later....Happy Crafting


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