Monday, February 25, 2013

Bargains Galore - Did You Get Them?

Well last Saturday's shoppers were very happy to have left their homes before eight o'clock in search of the bargains they found at the Garage Sale.

Coming from as far away as Midland we had a crowd of happy bargain hunters at the door before we arrived.

They came with their bags in their hands, around their necks or they picked up baskets to shop with, but all in all they had fun.

Scoring a brand new Cuttlebug, current Basic Grey papers, gently used stamps, cutting tools, books and magazines to learn from and craft storage to name a few of the bargains to be found.

Many went home saying they were going to go through their stash ready for the next time.

Have you been checking out the Ravelry knitting and crochet website? Here are two ear warmers Linda and I made from there.  One is knitted, one is crocheted, but both have cables going through them.

February has been such a cold month these have been handy to have if you aren't a hat lover.

Here's the link for the knitted ear warmer.  You can download it free from the site.  I can't find the link to the crocheted one, but if you're interested, let us know and I'll search some more.

Don't you love our models!

With thirteen in class last Thursday, it was a pretty busy class.  However everyone was done with lots of time to spare.  Linda and I rarely have to move them along because they push and pull each other.  Elaine was really not looking forward to making this card with the chevrons because she didn't enjoy a previous chevron card last year.  However this was a success builder and she was thrilled with how simple it was.  The bow on the top was a huge hit too.
Jump on over here to the Flickr site to see the other two cards the ladies completed on Thursday.

We had a delicious family dinner last night and when I tell you what we had, you'll be wishing you were at our table too.   Sandra had made some delicious creamy chicken pockets and Linda made oven roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts, with boiled carrots and steamed cauliflower.  Absolutely delicious and lovely colour to please my eye.  I'm a veggie lover and get teased about how I like the colour to be right with a meal.  I  was on dessert and didn't know Sandra was making chicken pockets so I made apple enchiladas and ice cream pie. Everyone commented on how good the whole meal was, and the best part was that there were some leftovers for children to take for lunch today.

Did you see in the newsletter that registration for the Mega Crop Weekend will begin on Thursday?  If you want the early bird special make sure you are at the store by nine as it usually goes within the first ten minutes.  If you don't want that, then still make sure you sign up quickly as there is limited space and like the classes it fills quickly.

Finally tonight here's a little verse that my sister found which would be good for the inside of a card.  

When I was speaking to her tonight I asked if she knew where she had found it, but she didn't.  
I couldn't click and copy it so I re-typed it for you to use, plus I put a little scroll on the bottom and some faux brads on the side.....enjoy.

Don't forget to left click first to go to the larger image, then right click and follow the instruction to either save to a file, or copy the image into a program such as Word.

Until Later...Happy Crafting.


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