Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So Much Creativity!

Well we've just finished our first card swap and I'd have to say it was a great success.  We had nine very creative ladies participate and they will be thrilled with their cards when they pick them up.
I'm not going to show you a photo until next week, so that all the participants can see their "loot" first.

Do you wanna do it again???  Similar criteria.  The guide lines again for this month are quite simple
-There will be three standard sizes for you to choose from.  They are: 
4 1/4 x 5 1/2  or  5 3/4 square,  or  4 1/2 x 6.  
These will then fit standard envelopes allowing the recipient to be able to mail them.
-There must be a minimum of two layers to the card.  That is a card base and at least one layer on the front.
-There must be at least one thing used on the card that has been purchased at the Craft Nook.  That could be the stamp, paper, embellishment etc.
-This time there will be a theme.  It must have a punched or cut border  That's simple enough isn't it.
Here's the reminder on how you register? 
At the bottom of this blog entry you will see a comment box.  Enter your first name and the initial of your last name ( for me that would be Lilian C ) then send an email to the store here to confirm entry.   There are a number of options to use in the comment box, but the easiest is if you comment as "anonymous"   please make sure  however, that you put your name as I indicated in the comment so we know who you are.  
If you are the first registrant please put the number one beside your name.  The second registrant, the number two, so that everyone can see at a glance how many are registered.
Registration is required by August 28th. 
Cards to be in the store by September 18th for pick up September 22nd.
Remember, dependent on how many register, you will be making 6-10 cards.  So there's no need to wait, get started on the design now and your first five cards.
There were a number of customers took advantage of the jewellery special last week.  Some were getting a head start on their stocking stuffers making earrings.  Some tried out the popular Shambala bracelets.
This week's special could be of particular interest to those who are registering for the crop weekend.  We have for you this week two great totes for all your crafting needs at a really nice price point.
This fabulous multi-purpose tote features five compartments on the inside with a fun pattern lining. On the outside are four open top pockets, one long zippered pocket, two pockets with hook & loop flaps, and four slotted pockets on one end. Eighteen elastic loops in center compartment. Rigid construction, micro-fiber material. Measures 11"x15"x8".
Regular price on this tote is $34.79
Our blog special is just .........    $19.99
from Thursday August 23rd to Monday August 27th
Limited quantities available
MACKINAC MOON-Basic Rolling Tote. Grab your scrapbooking stuff and go in style! This roomy rolling tote has all the storage you need to keep your supplies contained. It features one large undivided main compartment plus four pockets and pouches on the outside for holding smaller tools or items you want to keep within easy reach. The interior is fully lined and measures 12x14x8-1/2 inches. The telescoping handle extends up to 33 inches and locks in place while two wheels on the bottom make transporting a breeze. Overall measurements are 16x10x16-1/2 inches. Each package contains one Basic Rolling Tote. Color: Chocolate & Teal Print. Imported.
Regular price on this rolling tote is $71.29
Our blog special is just .........    $35.69
from Thursday August 23rd to Monday August 27th
Limited quantities available.
And last but not least I wanted to show you the frame that my Canadian sister made as a gift for my English sister recently.  You can see how those treasured photos can be displayed as artwork on the wall to be readily seen instead of in an album.  
We're expecting a busy start to the day tomorrow with registration for the crop weekend opening.  Linda told me earlier that she had to get to bed to beat me into the store.   She would be surprised  if I chose to stay home and let her deal with registration before I got there!  No...I wouldn't do that to her or any of the eager croppers who wil be waiting at the door for us to arrive.
Anyway...until next time Happy Crafting.


  1. Welcome aboard ladies. You can begin designing your cards as we wait to see how many sign up. Simply a punched or cut border this time and of course minimum of two layers.

  2. 6. Tammy M

    (Just so everyone knows...Tammy actually wants to be known as #4 which she would have been had she not had some challenges with the program signing up)

  3. Well ladies it's great to have you all on board. As you can see, there are nine people signed up, so you have nine cards to make....happy crafting!
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you create....oh no...I'll be away on vacation when they all come in!!! I'll have to get Elaine to take a photo of them all before she hands them back out.
    Did you see that Elaine....it's you're job to take a photo of each of them please. Or you can hang on to your set and I'll take a photo when I return.