Monday, August 27, 2012

He Who Hesitates is Lost.

That's what a few people found this week.

They were a little disappointed to have missed out on the weekly special as all the bags were gone by about 11:00am Thursday morning.
So if you like what you see on the special, then make sure you either come in early, or phone us with your credit card to hold it for you.
This week we are featuring the M-Bossabilities folders.
As always, this applies to in-stock items only, so move quickly to get the best selection. (Not necessarily those shown.)                   Regularly priced at $11.99 for the larger folders and $9.39 for the smaller folder.  They are on special this week from Thursday until Monday, or while supplies last, for just
$5.99 and $4.99
Each one of these folders gives you the choice of two designs.  Just flip the opposite way for the second one, making storage simpler.  Which leads me to my next posting.

One of our customers is asking for input on creating a craft room in this space.  Here is what she says… 

"I need help.  Help from some Crafty minded ladies.

I am going to take over the small bedroom and create a CRAFT room!  Yippee!!!

I want to get this as near as possible to right, which is where I am seeking help.
Where do I start? What is a must have or must do?  Any hints or tips, dos or don't would be much appreciated.
Must allow room to use a throw out chair/bed on the floor space, as I may need to put up the odd over night guest.    (Should that read “put up a guest on the odd night” not all my guests are odd!) “

So if you have some suggestions for her, then please leave a comment at the bottom of this posting.   There's nothing worse than having the space available to change into what you would love to have, but hesitating in case you don't get it exactly right.  So why not help her out here and give her some suggestions. 
(You simply  have to type into the box and post it as "anonymous" if  you don't have a blog or similar ID.   Don't forget to sign your name at the end of the comment though.)  

Last but not least.  Did you sign up for the card swap this month?  The ladies that registered last month were, as I mentioned before, thrilled with the cards they received. Here they are for you to see now
Earth Flowers - Rubber Stamps
They were all so lovely, ranging from easel cards to step cards, to heat embossed, distress inked,  fancy cuts and border punches.  Birthday cards, children's cards and everything in between.  

I don't intend to do this each month, but I can't help but comment on one card. 

Liz took a stamp and used it in an unconventional way when she created the Christmas Card she put into the swap.  This is the stamp set she used.  Earth Flowers by Hero Arts.   After heat embossing it in gold, and adding some red stickles she made a somewhat spring/summery stamp become a Christmas stamp.  I just had to say, excellent multiple application of your stamp set Liz.  

I have more for you, but will leave that for later, so drop back to see what it is, or have you signed up to receive automatic mailings to know when I post something new?  It's really easy, just go to the right side of the page and just below "About Us" you will see......

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Happy Crafting until next time,



  1. For the craft room, I would use a futon to allow you to have room for guests to sleep but doesn't take up as much room as a bed. Just invest in a good mattress for the futon. It's important to have lots of storage for books and paper and for everything else, you could use vertical storage using the height of the wall for maximum space. Some closed storage (cupboards or armoire) would be good to hide some of your stamps etc I have used baskets and containers to group like things together Good luck with your room. Marnie

    1. Thanks Marnie, some good ideas which help me. I especially relate to the hiding some of the stamps!! I have lots to hide!

    2. What's it worth to you for me not to tell? Nah...wouldn't work anyway, you are one of the lucky ones that has a hubby that supports your crafting habit.
      Enjoy the planning process. Do you have a timeline?

    3. No real timeline. But like it yesterday! Waiting for a few things to fall into place and then have the idea finished so the dreaming can stop and the work begin. End of the year would be good.

  2. Measure all the things (tables, paperholders, desks etc) that you want to put into your space and plot them on graph paper to scale. It's a lot easier than moving everything several times to see if they fit. Remember to keep items like papers and stamps away from sunlight.Use vertical space as well as under counter space. Are you mounting anything on the walls or are you keeping everything portable? I went to ReStore and bought used kitchen counters (with no sink holes of course) and my handyman build frames from 2x4s and mounted the countertops to the walls at the height I needed. My rolling chairs and Iris carts all fit underneath better than a table with braces. A regular dining table is too high to work on for very long and your arms and shoulders will hurt. I like to shop Restore for tables or carts that roll so I can move things to where I'm working and then put them out of the way when I don't need them.Good luck and ENJOY I sure do and I had to wait for the cat to die! Linda

    1. Not so sure about the dead cat! I will hunt out graph paper and see how that works. I've just returned from IKEA with desk measurements and options, so the paper plan is a great idea. Will take photo's of before, during and after. Thanks