Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Did You Register?

The All Day Christmas Card Making Class opened for registration today.  Did you call or get in early to secure the date that you'd prefer?  It always amazes us how fast these classes fill up so don't sit on the fence or you may be disappointed.  People have already emailed us and said they will be away on this day and have made other arrangements to be sure they get registered.

Did you notice that Linda said that this week class is already full, and the following Thursday Technique Class is already half full. 

I had meant to show you the tie dye shirts Linda's girls have made, but family life has been a little busy this past week, so have to do that later.

Believe me they are always busy with their hands.  I think tomorrow is supposed to be some sidewalk/driveway art with chalk.

I have to share this word art with you.  Rachel made it on her Ipod and sent it on to me.  Something to think about don't you think.
She is now planning a quilt that she wants to make.  Oh did I mention she wanted to make it by next weekend?   That's been discussed and a planning session has now taken place.

Here's the special for the week.
Remember it starts on Thursday and goes until next Monday.  Please don't come in today or tomorrow looking for it as you will pay the full price on those days.
The Snag-em Stamps are regularly priced at $1.69 there are a limted number available for this special and nicely priced at 89centsNot all exactly as shown.

 Dont forget the Garage Sale on Saturday...take a few minutes to drop in and find a bargain for yourself.  Remember that what someone else no longer uses may be exactly what you want.

Until later....Happy Crafting



  1. Good luck with your quilt Rachel!! Gramma can work miracles but she might need a little longer then a week.

  2. LOL...Thanks for your vote of confidence Audrey and realisation that sometimes we have lofty goals. I'm just thankful that they set themselves goals. Emily has her eyes set on making a quilt too, though a slightly simpler version still a great goal for such a young person.
    Now you should see some of Jonathan's goals. He too has been a sewer, scrapbooker, cardmaker in his life, but now moving on to more mechanical things. He's been working on his garden tractor, a paint job next weekend, a new seat on it last weekend.
    Busy hands are the best hands don't you think.