Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Garage Sale Not Rained Out!

Despite the rain our indoor Garage Sale was successful for all the participants.  With a slightly slower start, those coming later in the morning still found some pretty neat stuff. 

It seemed to be a busy week for one reason or another, but still we have some show and tell for you.
Rachel and Emily completed their faux tye dye shirts and were really happy with them.
Here's what they created using a variety of  coloured Identipen Markers and Ranger Alcohol Ink Blending Solution.

After working on the front of her tee shirt, Rachel was quite creative in making a Mickey Mouse head on the back of her shirt.

Emily's favourite colours showed again in the lovely patterns she made on the front of her tee.  Can you guess her colours?

They simply stretched their material over a margarine tub and held it in place with an elastic.  The next step was to draw shapes, dots and lines with their Identipen MarkersThe Ranger Alcohol Ink Solution dripped onto the markers caused them to run and make these beautiful designs. 
Such a simple craft but you'd have to agree with me another Summer Crafting Memory made.

Did you catch the special last week?  Many of you took advantage of it and some have got a head start on their Christmas card making because of it.

This week the special is 50% off any in stock glass bead when you mention this special.  There's lots to choose from, so don't delay and miss out on the best choices.  Perhaps you can get a start on your Christmas gift giving. 
Remember the special starts on Thursday and runs until next Monday.

Until next time...Happy Crafting,



  1. Hi, love the tshirts. Did the girls use the ident markers one at a time and go back to do the 2nd / 3rd areas, or did they do all that stage before using the blending solution.
    I have young company with me tomorrow and think we may give this a try too, looks fun.


  2. All colouring was done at once, then you can go back and touch up more if you like later. Really neat isn't it.

  3. We eneded up making Olympic torches! Jack had other plans! Oh well it will keep until the next time