Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Promised Photos

Here's a sampling of Jonathan's photos from his camping trip on the May 24th weekend.  As I told you, he had some input from a lady who was also on the cruise and who explained to him about the rule of thirds when taking photos.  It made a dramatic difference to his photography as you can see, causing him to stop and think as he was composing his shots.  I don't know about you, but I would be really happy to scrapbook some of these photos myself.
However not all our photos are perfect and so they may need some help before we print them.  I was reading on a blog how to blur the background of a photo if it is very busy and overwhelming the subject matter of the photo.  They used Photoshop Elements as their program, but I would think the concept would work with other photo programs too.  Here's the link so that you can watch the video how to.

Do you have some graduating students this year?  One of our customers altered the shirt card that she made in class to become a graduation gown, great idea.  This is the card, can you visualise it as a gown? 

 Or how about a mortar board using this design and black cardstock for the card?  I googled images and came up with this picture....do you see what I mean?

And if you're looking for a teacher gift idea here's another one for you. 
My niece is making cookie tray calendars for her children's teachers.  That's why I had to teach  her Mom, so she could then teach my niece.....LOL, it goes around and around.

Well I started this post on the 28th, but I just heard my clock chime and now it's the 29th.  I will post the digital scrapbook page that Linda mentioned in the newsletter, but not tonight, so check back later in the week for that.

Until next time, Happy Crafting....


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