Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just a Quick Post Today

Elaine mentioned at last Friday Night Crop,  that she'd like to learn how to crochet the little flower embellishments that are so popular on cards and scrapbook pages right now.  They look great on any hat you may knit or crochet too.  Whilst surfing the net, I came upon this little gem (Click HERE) and thought I'd post it for all to learn from and as it's a You Tube video, it's great for the visual learner too.

An update on what I've been doing with my sister-in-law.  We now have the wedding invitations for her son's wedding created, at least we have 24 done another 50-75 to do, but the back is broken on those, and they're lovely, simple but lovely in their simplicity.  Thank heavens for the Cuttlebug!   I'll see if I can get the okay to show you a photo of them later.   Getting past the designing stage and the mechanics of cutting are the biggest thing. We are now working on the table favours.  There are 120 small bags to be sewn.  We have them all cut and are about halfway through the sewing.  Then it will be putting ribbon through the casing to make them into little drawstring bags and they are done.  

Now let me tell you about the tags.  I showed you a photo of the 100 we stamped for the "Wishes Tree".  No that wasn't all of them!  We went on to ink the edges of both sides of another 120  (does that make 440 tags inked  now?)  ready for the bride's father to write the guests names on in caligraphy.  These tags will be tied onto the drawstring bags for the tables.  I'm telling you, Tim Holtz and his tags have nothing on us! 
We are without doubt the QUEENS of tags!

All this creativity goes back and forth via internet for the bride's approval before we move to the next step.  Given the five hour time difference that takes a little bit of creativity in itself.
In between times we've been working on photos and layouts for an album leading up to the wedding.
However I have been into the store a few days....Linda's been really busy with the new Dione beads she ordered.  Have you seen them? 
They really are beautiful.
Tonight is card class and we have three lovely cards for the students signed up for that.  Hope you're having as much fun crafting as I am.


  1. Hi Lilian, I think your post might be missing its' link for the tutorial. Sounds like a great one to learn. TFS!:)

  2. Checked it out Cassandra and it seemed to work, but have re-done it just in case there was a glitch. Try it now. Thanks for letting us know.

  3. The link shows now and works great! Man that lady makes it look so simple! Definitely something worth trying out! TFS!:)

  4. Great Idea Elaine, I have wanted to learn to crochet those flowers also.