Thursday, July 7, 2011

How Perfect is This?

When you have a Canada Birthday it's pretty special to start with, just as a Christmas Day birthday would be for example.  How perfect then to have such a talented Mommy to make a special flag card for you.
That's what our Rachel experienced on her Canada Day birthday when she received this card that her Mommy made for her.
We had just re-taught this card a few days before in a class for some ladies so it was front and centre in Linda's mind and perfect for Rachel.  Rachel keeps her special cards, so wasn't about to let me take it to the store for display, but I did manage to have it for a few moments to take these photos.
Hope you enjoy looking at them, even if you are not able to have the touchy feely experience.


Can you see the flag poking up from the centre?  When you pull the front right and the back left of this card the flag magically appears from the middle....really cool!

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