Thursday, June 2, 2011

See the Creativity!

Your eyes will be pleased with what they see from these entries to the blog challenge.  And judging from what we're hearing, there are more entries to come.  Are you working on yours?

Becky's made a lovely card focusing on some of the colours in the photo as well as the couch, only she has her little miss sitting on a stool here.  Nice interpretation Becky.

Bernice has picked up the legs of the couch with the use of the stripes at the bottom of the card.  See the three trees in place of the art on the wall in the photo.  Though it doesn't show well here, the clouds are siver which picks up the silver urns at the side of the challenge photo. 

Well look where we found Riley!  Sitting on a couch in the middle of the trees.  Madison has made a fun interpretaion of the challenge photo by focusing on the couch and using a new Riley stamp. See the dimension of the top left tree and the fact that there are three groupings to it.

Bernice entered a second card in the challenge and you can clearly see her focusing on the three pieces of artwork behind the couch in the photo.  Love the detail of the pearls in the corner that point your mind toward the silver urns.  Nicely interpreted Bernice.

Becky has  pulled out the colours well from the challenge photo in this card.  Lots of lovely fussy cutting here too.  I see the artwork in the three pearls at the left side.

Evelyn's card has clearly brought out not just the colours of the challenge photo but the artwork on the wall in the words of her card.  Can you see the cushions sitting on the couch, I can, those circles that rest on the horizontal trim make me think of the cushions.  Nice job of interpreting the design of the photo Evelyn.

Madison shows us a fun card here with all the flowers representing the cushions on the couch.  The colours pick up the challenge photo beautifully.

Jeanetta has picked up a few aspects of the challenge photo in this card.  I see the legs of the couch in the stripes at the bottom of the card and the horizontal lines of the couch in the use of the ribbon acrosss the middle.  Don't you love the paper too.  Nice job Jeanetta.

Carol has hit the colours well in this card.  Love the slightly oriental look of the blossoms on the branches that somehow pull out the patterns on the cushions in the challenge photo.  Notice the horizontal line of the fence that reminds you of the legs of the couch.  Pretty card don't you think?

Madison is an up and coming young cardmaker who isn't afraid to try something a little different.  She's chosen not to follow the colours in the challenge photo, but with this card to simply focus on the three pieces of artwork on the wall. An interesting take on the challenge photo.

This time we have a scrapbook page and Diane has nicely picked up the colours in the challenge photo here.  Do you see the three pieces of artwork from the wall too in the flourishes on the page?  Not only a nice layout, but a time in her daughter's life captured in these memories.

Madison's final entry into the blog challenge is this lovely musical card.  The colours have been captured perfectly and the flourish, though it doesn't show well here,  is bright silver focusing on the silver urns.  Keep up the good work Madison, nice to see young people sharing their creative talents. 

Well there are the entries that have come in in the last couple of days.  We were treated well to some lovely creative talent weren't we.  Can't wait to see some more, how about you? 
Don't forget to leave a comment on any of the entries that please your mind and eye, I'm sure the creative artists would love the encouragement


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