Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And All the Entries Are In - Were You Quick Enough to See Them When I Posted Them a Day Early?

That was an oops moment when I published all the entries (except it wasn't all of them) a day early!  YIKES

It's so much fun to see how people interpret not only colours, but design.  We have such a mixed bag to inspire us, so here they are shown in no particular order and here too is the inspiration photo that everyone began with.

 Take time to look at all the little details in everyones entries. You can click on the thumbnails to make them larger.
And now scroll down to the bottom to see the name of the Random Winner.

1. Becky                                                                                          2. Madison

3. Evelyn                                                                            4. Bev                                
 5. Tara                                                                                6.  Carol                 

  7.  Bev                                          8.  Diane

9.  Madison                                                           10.    Bernice

11.  Bev                                                                                       12.  Jeanetta

13.  Diane                                                                                  14.  Bernice

15.  Madison                                                          16.  Becky

17.Christine                                                        18.  Madison                                     

19.  Cathie                                                              20.  Christine
21.  Lisa                                                        22.  Martha

23.  Deanne                                                       24.  Lynda

25.  Lisa

Random Integer Generator

Timestamp: 2011-06-13 23:51:18 UTC
This is Bernice...
Drop into the store Bernice to pick up your prize.
Thanks to everyone for playing along with us



  1. Yahoo the contest was so much fun. Thank you Lilian and Linda for allowing us this opportunity. We can learn a lot of things from seeing all the samples. When's the next one? Gets the creative juices flowing. Bernice

  2. What a wide range of cards. Great job everyone.Thanks Linda and Lilian. Awaiting the next challenge.

  3. Congratulations Bernice - what a stash of goodies. I shall be keeping an eye out for you using the blue "netting" type of product which is towards the front right of the photograph. I am curious how you will be inspired.
    (I have an ulterior motive....I have some and don't know what or how to use it). :-)

    Oooops! Think I may have thrown you an extra challenge !!!

    Have fun.