Monday, April 7, 2014

Yep...I Did!

I told a customer to get out of the store!  

Well, yes she knew I was joking, but she was working on a winter project when I had just said ....... NO MORE WINTER in my world.

Yes, of course I got over myself and helped her with the supplies for her project.

Linda and I have been working really hard this past week on the final preparations for the Mega Crop. Hope you are too if you're coming?  Remember it's only three more sleeps before the Mega Crop.
I know a few people have been in the store getting their own personal kits together.  Such a good way to be organised so that you don't have to drag all your "stuff" to the crop. If nothing else, make sure you have a plan to get started on Friday night.  I hate to see those hours go wasted as some people cull through their layouts and photos.  Just decide for sure which one layout you will begin with to "get in the zone".
Don't forget however, if you're bringing an electronic cutting machine bring along an extension cord, because we can't guarantee you will be close to an outlet.

For those taking the class if you want to have with you the appropriately sized photos to complete the pages, here are the sizes Linda used in her layouts.

Layout # 1:- Three - 2.5 x 2.75 (vertical)     
Layout # 2:- One - 5 x 7 (vertical)
Layout # 3:- One - 4 x 5 (vertical)                       
Layout # 4:- One - 2.75 x 4 (vertical)               
                      One - 2.75 x 4 (horizontal)                               
Layout # 5:- One - 4 x 6 (vertical)
                      One - 3 x 4 (vertical)
Layout # 6:- One - 3 x 4 (vertical
                      One - 3.25 x 2.5 (horizontal)
                      One - 2 x 3 (vertical)

It would seem that there are many people knitting these days. Lots of people have been in the store buying yarn. 
With some, it's their first project and they have a friend helping them to learn.  
With others, although they've been knitting for a long time, the pattern they are working on is intricate and they need some help. 

Whatever your skill level, drop in to see us if you need a helping hand.

My sister-in-law has been busy knitting for a sale that she will be in shortly. No you can't attend it unless you're in England in the next short while. 
Here's one of the toddler sweaters she's been knitting. Pretty nice with the hood on it as well isn't it.

We had our second Spring All Day Card Class on Saturday. (Did you see the weather again?  Not at all Spring like) With a smaller group of ladies this time, we held it very successfully at the store.  They all completed their cards and again their favourite card was the same one that the ladies in the first class chose.  It's this one right here.

Using the stamp block as a stamp they created their own unique background for the Queen Anne's Lace stamp to sit on.

Don't forget this is just one of the ten cards that all these ladies made.  You can see the other's on our Flickr site here.

We had a lovely email from Lynda who was a participant in the first Spring All Day Card Class. She has made some Easter ATC's using the same technique. You can see in the centre card how she recreated the technique exactly, whereas with the card to the right she dragged the block to create a different effect.  

Nicely done Lynda and thanks so much for sharing.
Sharing in this way can inspire another crafter to different heights.

I was pleased to see Ronna in the store this week and let her know how her layout that she shared last week, had inspired at least two other crafters
One of them asked me how she had created the paint splat on the layout.  
I told her that I was reasonably sure that it was cut with her Silhouette cutting machine and the image would have come from the Silhouette online store. Ronna confirmed this for me when I saw her. 
Take another look here at her layout.  Just scroll down a little to see it.

Here's another layout that we were privileged to see last week.  This one created by Edie, and my goodness she stretched herself well to make the sketch her very own. Going from the chosen sketch to this layout.

The sketch Edie took her inspiration from was in fact only a one page layout.  
Her other challenge is that she has a hard time leaving photos off her layouts, so what we saw in the planning stages was different again to the end result.

Edie wanted a double page so she had to be creative as she had, as I mentioned, chosen a single page layout.  
I do like the way the arrows travel across from one page to the other taking your eye to the subtitle at the same time.
The sunny colours of the banners on the left page are picked up again by the tab on the right page.  Take a close look at the word tag on the right page and let me know if you figure out where she got that from.
Nicely done Edie, and thanks for sharing your talent.

Easter is almost upon us now, but if you have a little time and like to sew, then perhaps this project is for you?

Kata who blogged these lovely little chicks has kindly shared the pattern as well. Hop on over and grab it for yourself.

They are very similar to the "brood" I made last year that you can see here.
Although mine are a little different to Kata's as you will see when you hop over.  There's also a link there to the pattern that I used for mine.

Don't forget all the supplies for these little chicks can be bought at the Craft Nook.  Felt in a variety of colours, embroidery floss, needles and stuffing.

I don't know how many readers would have known that International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th each year.  
Yes I know that's a month ago, but I've been thinking this week about some of the women that I have the pleasure of knowing, who have taught me much about grace under pressure.  
Whatever their walk in life may be, I've witnessed their amazing strength, resilience and fortitude. 

So here's a shout out to some of those ladies ........... Nikki, Martha, Katie, Pauline, Christine, Jill, and Becky. 
Thank you for who you are and the lessons you  teach daily through your strength, laughter and passion for life.

With these women in mind, my words for the week are these......

Until Later.....Happy Crafting,


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