Monday, December 30, 2013

The End of Another Year

Is this how you felt when Christmas Day was done?

I hope Christmas for all of you was everything you would have wanted it to be.

The gifts that the girls made for each other and their Mom and Dad were received with much pleasure.  Time was taken to explain why they were chosen and the challenges faced as they were each made.

Here's what they accomplished...

Rachel made this garment bag for her Dad and particularly liked the fact the she designed it with a heart that had an "R" cut out of the middle which could stand either for her or her Dad (Randy).  
The words were cut on the Silhouette Cameo using heat transfer material.

For Emily, Rachel made a chair organizer designed to hang over the side of her desk chair. You have to know that Emily is always organizing her "stuff" so this was the perfect gift for her.  It can double as an under the mattress organizer should she be sick in bed anytime. There are multiple pockets on both sides  for pens, books whatever she may like to put into it.

For her Mom, Rachel made an organizer for the tote bag she carries her "stuff" to work in. It too has multiple pockets to hold pens, her book she uses for ordering product at the store, cell phone and such.

Here you see the organizer on it's own with the book, pen and cell phone in it.  
There's another small pocket and a large back pocket as well to hold other things as she chooses.

And here it is inside Linda's tote bag.

Emily made a dust cover to protect her Mom's Silhouette Cameo here. She said this was pretty easy to sew up and Mommy certainly liked it.

Another dust cover was made by Emily, but this time for Rachel's sewing machine.  She said this was hard to sew around the curves at each end.  The embellishments were cut out of fabric on the Silhouette Cameo and using Heat Bond, ironed onto the cover.
So as you can see both girls were busy sewing their gifts before Christmas and only one needle broken!

Did you manage to get all your crafty things ready for Christmas.  I managed a pair of double thickness mitts, some money that I origami folded into a shirt and pants for Jonathan who wanted to go shopping for some new clothes and an infinity scarf with flower embellishment.  
We had many people still dropping into the store at the last minute for items to complete their gifts.

And now as one year ends and another begins, does it cause you to look back and remember not just the challenges that may have come your way, but all the small things we should be thankful for.  

I came upon this on Google images today and thought it would be a good thing to do, and even once a month to look back on it and use as inspiration for a scrapbook page or two.  

What do you think?

Did you see in the newsletter that registration is open for Basic Grey Page of the Month and Card of the Month too?  They are great programs providing you with supplies to get a handle on either your scrapbooking or card making. 
We've found the value for money in these programs to be really good, so if you haven't tried it, then why not make this the year that you do.  
Have you participated in the past and fallen behind? Then bring your kits along to the Crop and Craft Nights on Friday nights and let us help you to jump ahead....nothing's easier or more fun than creating with friends.

So now as we move into a New Year, make yourself some resolutions. 
Register for the Card Classes at the Craft Nook, come out to the Crop and Craft Night and learn a new craft.  Maybe you'd like to knit some Minion slippers like Linda did, or perhaps not a character pair, but something plainer.  

Whatever you want to learn, choose to be a little craftier in 2014 than you were in 2013.

I visited my favourite blog for words the other day and found these words for you.

Until Later....Happy Crafting



  1. Your girls are certainly continuing your crafty talents. Happy New Year to all.... Lynda B.

  2. Best way to raise them don't you think Lynda, with busy hands? Happy New Year to you and yours from the Muskoka Arctic

  3. The sewing items by Emily and Rachel are so innovative and practical - you can see that they gave great thought to making it personal for each recipient...great job girls!

  4. I'll pass that on to them Jill. After giving them some suggestions of what they could make, they do thoughtfully choose what to do and usually can explain why they made that choice.


  5. I'm doing the jar as it came across my facebook page and I thought it was a great idea. Will make for some interesting reading at the end of the year.