Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Countdown Is On

The local Santa Claus Parade is over now and both Rachel and Emily danced in the parade with their dance studio, did you see them? They said how hot they were whilst dancing on Sunday.

Traditionally the decorations are added to Linda's house after the parade, so that's done. 

I even put up my nativity scene yesterday too.  It has been packed away for too long due to lack of display space and because children were too small to take care.  Neither was the case when I was thinking of it this year as I decided to set it up on the table in our sun room.  

Lovely to look at as we come in and out each day and the tree lights give a beautiful blue glow at night too.
The Christmas cards are all ready to drop into the mail, the countdown is definitely on.

There are still six more projects to be sewn and two more to finish.  That's the number of projects Rachel and Emily are working on and I'm their resource person...will we make it?  Of course we will, we always do don't we.   Is it the same in your house too?  

Are you still crafting and creating? Why is it that the ideas come so close to Christmas, I can never fathom that one. 

With twelve months in the year, why can't we get the brilliant ideas four months before Christmas instead of four weeks? 

Oh my, you should have been a fly on the wall in the store last Thursday night to watch the going's on in class. The ladies were working on six quick Christmas cards last week. We thought that would be challenging enough for them considering we also planned on them stamping for three more. 
Well, with one of the ladies returning after five weeks absence because of medical issues. Another returning after having moved and started a new job, we had the "misfortune" of having them sit opposite one another and work as a team!! 
The misfortune was that they were so happy to be back doing what they love to do....card making, they couldn't stop laughing all night! What a joy to listen to that laughter and how infectious it is too.  We should all do that more often shouldn't we.

Starting with these two papers adding some stamps, glitter and embellishments the ladies were very pleased with what they created.   
Not only that they went home with enough material to make the fronts for 12 more cards...what a deal that class was!                        
We did manage to complete the six cards, finish the additional stamping and enjoy some social time before class was over.  
They are now waiting for me to provide them with the template for a teaser card I showed them. Hopefully will do that tomorrow ladies.
Here's what they looked like.

Have you  dropped into the store to purchase any of the quick crafts we've provided kits for?  From 50-75 cents they're flying off the counter and we are hoping to add a couple more different ones this week, so make sure you take a peek.

The ladies involved in the Christmas tag swap were thrilled with what they received back from each
participant.  Some of them were at card class last week, so we were privileged to watch them open their bags and delight over what had been made.
They will no doubt have wondered once they looked closely at them why they received eleven when they were expecting ten, but we put an extra bonus one in for them as a Christmas treat.

So this week the crafting tutorial will be on a gift tag.

It's a very simple origami fold Christmas tree that doubles as a decoration or a gift tag actually.

All you need is

-One piece of cardstock 10 x 4.  
-Four different sizes of circles, we used our Nestability dies with the Cuttlebug, but if you don't have that you can trace around an appropriate shape and hand cut them.  The sizes were 3.75", 2.75", 2" and 1.25"
-Some Stickles, Scotch Glue and Glamour Dust to embellish
-Piece of cord approximately 8" long

Fold each circle in half, open and fold the opposite direction, open and then fold diagonally crossing the original folds.

I didn't take photos of the next steps, but you just make a hole in the top of the smallest circle and push the cord through.  I tied a knot at the open end of the cord to prevent it from pulling through the top.
Then add a little glue inside of each folded circle and push them inside of each other to make the tree as you see it.

For the bottom embellishment I drew a narrow bead of Scotch Glue and poured Glamour Dust over it, shaking off the access.  I sometimes prefer the look of this over Ice Stickles.  However for the tree "decorations" I used red Stickles.  You can see how you could decorate the back if you were using it for a tree decoration or write on the back if using it as a gift tag

Hope you give this a try and enjoy making it as I did, so quick and easy to decorate your gifts with.

Until Later....Happy Crafting


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