Monday, August 19, 2013

Super Garage Sale Saturday!

Were you there? As Linda said in the newsletter, there were a few eager beavers waiting at the door for us to arrive.  
Were you one of them? 

However even some out of town latecomers told me that they thought they  had walked into a goldmine on Saturday!

Today we had some happy vendors in the store to collect their credit notes and begin their shopping spree.

We had great fun at class this past two weeks with the moving lever card that we made.  With two cards placed together and some careful measuring and cutting, the centre panel appears to move out of the card as you open it. The economical scooter stamp at just $1.99 was the perfect image for this card I thought. Don't forget to drop into the store to see the other two cards.  

A technique that we first taught a couple of years ago, stamping outside the die was a great hit with the ladies. Simple and yet effective with the right choice of stamp.

One of my questions to you last week was have you've ever made an ATCsee the link here.  We've had some response to this question, but I wondered how many people may not have understood just what an ATC swap was.   
Pauline is challenging us to offer this swap, but as of yet we don't have enough people to participate in a group...are you interested?.  

What happens in a swap is that once a theme is decided upon (Pauline suggested Christmas) and any
particular elements that may have to be included in the ATC swap are chosen, each person makes ten artist trading cards all of the same design.  No having to think up ten different designs, one design - ten trading cards

Once a date is decided upon, you bring your artist trading cards into the store by that date, we will sort them so that each person in the group gets one of their own cards back PLUS nine different ones. One from each member of the group.  It's such a great way to not only have a small lesson in your hand with each different trading card, but nine new focal pieces for future cards that you may want to send.

So if you're interested in participating in an ATC swap group, call or email the store and let us know. 

It's Linda's youngest daughter's birthday coming up very soon now, so once again I have been racking my brain for a unique card for her.  It just seems that on each birthday now they are looking for something different and exciting in their card and I struggle sometimes to find it.  

I think this time I've come up with an idea that will cause Emily to have a happy laugh when she opens it.  I can't show it to you yet as it's still in the "mock-up" stage.  Made out of used computer paper as I fine tune the measurements, but I'll show it to you soon.  Suffice it to say it will be popping out at her when she opens it up!

Emily also has a love of Mike Wazowski, so I'm busy crocheting a soft toy for her. Although she's long outgrown soft toys I know this will bring a happy smile to her face. Mike is a cute little character from Monsters Inc.  I purchased the pattern from my favourite knitting and crochet site   It was a quick and easy PDF download.  This is what Mike looks like, when I get him finished I'll show it to you.

The other week Judy mentioned to me that she was having some trouble with some of her new acrylic stamps and not getting a good image from them.  I told her that I'd almost posted a link that gave some insight into that problem, but I didn't.    Then last week I totally forgot about it, so here it is now, click below.

Another tip to get a better stamped image with your acrylic stamps is to have a soft foam mat under your cardstock when you stamp. 
If you think about it, the wooden block stamps have foam built into them below the rubber, giving a little bit of bounce to the stamp.  By placing a thin foam mat under your cardstock you will be doing the same thing. 
In classes we always provide a piece of fun foam for the stampers.   At just 49cents a sheet it's a great way to improve your stamping. 

Another tip we give them is to ink your stamp well...did I say well...yes when you think you have enough ink on the stamp, tap it a couple of more times.  

The next thing then is not to press too hard.  This is acrylic not rubber and if you press hard, then you will get a thick stamping, which is hateful if you are stamping words.  I just rub my finger firmly across the entire stamp and I attain a nice clear image.  

Hopefully these tips will help you as you stamp.

Just a reminder to all the anxious scrapbookers waiting to register for the October Mega Crop.  Have you cleared your calendars?  Have you coordinated your time off from work and family?  Have you  arranged with your friend(s) to join you for a fun time of continuous scrapbooking and education?  

Linda has been giving you a heads up about registration starting soon, so make sure you read your e-newsletter faithfully in the next couple of weeks so that you are one of the early birds that get the worm not the hare who slept through and lost the race. 

 Here's my last thought for tonighfrom a blog I often visit.
Christine asks.

Have you thought you'd like to try a new needle craft or paper craft technique?  Maybe you thought you'd like to learn to crochet or knit...I know it's summer, but winter will follow soon and a scarf or two in your closet wouldn't be out of place would it.  

A perfect time to learn any of these crafts is at our Friday night Crop and Craft events. Although they are a little irregular at the moment due to all the activities at the store, they will be offered regularly in the fall.  

So make sure you keep them in mind.  Just ten dollars for five hours with some instruction in there for the craft of your choice, you CANNOT find a better deal.

Until later....Happy Crafting



  1. One further tip on the use of acrylic stamps:- Don't be in a hurry to remove the stamp give the ink time to transfer to the paper.
    You'd think you could do the same sharp movement of stamping as red rubber but I find a short pause works. As Lilian stated to much pressure causes the image to spread out. Hope that helps. Di

  2. This is another most helpful hint thanks Di.