Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy March Break!

Of course if you don't have school age children, then March Break doesn't mean the same thing does it.
We had lots of Mom's and children in today as they tried to keep busy on such a miserable weather day.

However I have to admit that I was pleased to see the rain as it's taken so much snow away.  The not so nice thought is that as March came in like a lamb, it most likely will go out like a lion.  Have you heard that saying before?  In like a lion, out like a lamb ...  or vice versa.  Oh well...nothing we can do about it.

Did you see on the newsletter how my hubby and I celebrated our fiftieth anniversary this past weekend.  Wow, hard to believe that all those years have gone past, but they have.

Not that you can tell by looking at us, we still look like our wedding day photos....LOL!  Reminiscing with my sister was lovely as all of our other attendants still live in England.

Great weekend.  Whenever we've done something momentous in our life, from getting married, having children or moving to Canada, it's always rained/snowed! Saturday was a beautiful day to enjoy.

Remember I mentioned that we would be vacationing in England soon.  The main reason for the visit is to see my dear Mother-in-law who was so excited when we phoned her and told her of the upcoming visit.
She's not very mobile nowadays and finds it difficult to get her shoes on, so loves to wear the knitted slippers I've given her in the past.
I've been looking for a new fancy slipper pattern to make for her and came upon this one here    Now remember if you're family looking at this, you have to keep "mum" for Mum.  Don't spoil the surprise.  Aren't they lovely though.
You can get the knitting pattern from Red Heart Yarn if you go through the link I've given you.  I'll likely knit a second sole to the slipper to give some extra cushion on the bottom of the foot.  That, along with some fancy knitted or crochet flowers will make her feet feel like those of a princess don't you think?

Have you ever been the recipient of a RAK a random act of kindness?

I was last week when Mary came in with these beautiful flowers for me as a thank you for doing something that to me seemed so very small, but for Mary with the task that she had at hand wasn't.   She's completed her project now and I'm happy to have played a very small role in it.

So remember if you've ever been moved to make a RAK, do it!  It's hard to express how special you can make the recipient feel.

My niece showed me a layout just recently that I fell in love with and hope to produce in the next short time.
She's preparing for our upcoming Mega Crop Weekend and collecting ideas for a variety of layouts for herself, a seasoned scrapbooker, and her cousin who is a beginner scrapbooker.

Here it is for you to be inspired too.  Don't you  love the stamping on the layout.  I think I'd have to have some patterned paper as well somewhere other than just the pennants.  I just looooove patterned paper and the layering, but this is a delightful layout isn't it.

My other challenge would be to find a second page to go with it as I'm very much a two page layout scrapbooker.  If you have any suggestions, please leave them below in the comment section, I'd love some help.

Last but not least before I head up the wooden hill (I'm practicing for my visit to England - the wooden hill is the stairs), here's a focal point for a card, or you could use it as a scrapbook title, colouring it in to suit your page.  I made it in my photo editing program with a variety of different fonts, but saved it as a jpeg.  You simply have to left click onto it to make it as large as possible, then right click to save it as an image to your PC.  

 I've also (I hope) made it into a cut file for all of you who have a Silhouette machine.  I can't upload it here, but if you're interested leave me a comment below and I'll send you the file. Again I haven't tested it yet, so you'd have to let me know if it doesn't work.

Now until later....Happy Crafting



  1. Hi, It's Tracy B. Would you send me the "Cut" file of your Birthday Image? Thanks so much!

  2. Will be happy to Tracy the next time I'm at the store which will be Thursday. Thanks for asking. Lilian

  3. Hi, Can you make a Happy file in the same way please?
    thanks Christine

  4. I could likely do that, so watch this space coming your way soon.