Monday, March 18, 2013

Are You Ready?

Because ready or not, winter isn't quite finished with us yet, it's a pretty nasty night out there.  Not  to worry though, there's lots to look forward to with the first of the two All Day Card Classes on Saturday of this week, twenty three ladies will be making eleven unique cards.

Then we will repeat the process on April 6th for another twenty two ladies.  Linda and I always wonder if it's best to be in the first class of these repeat classes or the second.  Do we work out the quirks in the first class making the second class better, or do we get bored by the second class making the first class the best choice?

Well according to the ladies we've asked, they've all been very pleased no matter which class they attended, hopefully that will be the case again.

Here's a tease peek at one of the cards we'll be making.

Did you all check the list of supplies that Linda put in the newsletter?  Some are "if you have" some are "MUST HAVES', so please don't come without the "MUST HAVES" at least.

Can you keep a secret?
If you can I'll show you the slippers I knitted to give to my Mother-in-law when we travel to England soon.  I made them slightly different to the pattern inasmuch as I made a little cuff around the ankle.  I think she'll find them cuddly and warm don't you?

I had a customer in the store on Saturday morning who was feeling a little challenged by a project she was to do for her sister. Her sister is becoming a grandmother for the first time and she's asked family members to embroider on a fabric block and all those blocks will be made into a quilt for the new baby.  She's sent the fabric and a variety of floss colours to  be used.  Each family member has to come up with their own design using the fabric and floss that was sent to them.  It's hard to find embroidery patterns nowadays, but I explained how you can use a picture from a magazine, internet, colouring book along with the heat transfer pencil and tracing paper that we regularly keep in stock to make your own embroidery transfers.  We also have a new pen that I haven't tried yet, but according to reviews works extremely well.  It's a Frixion heat erasable gel pen click here to see it. You can draw your own designs on fabric and once you've finished them, a little heat on the reverse side will erase all the lines you drew.  Pretty magic methinks!

I was asked to make a "happy" graphic to go with the mixed up Birthday word I had on the blog last week, so here it is...enjoy.  Don't forget to left click to make it larger and then right click to save it to your computer.
I've also put a little border around it all.

I've been quite intrigued by all the embroidery on felt that I've seen floating around the internet lately and came upon this one that I thought I'd share with you.  Amazing how a few easy embroidery stitches can make the felt look so appealing.  Kerry Tucker is an English lady and it was the cherry blossoms in England's Kensington Gardens that inspired her to make this pin.

You could use the same process for a focal point on a card or an embellishment on a scrapbook page.  Click here to take you to the link and full instructions and patterns.

Did you notice that lovely stamp that Linda had in the newsletter?  I fell in love with it when I first saw it on our Distributors website, but it's even more lovely in real life.  It's called "Going to Seed".
You can't remember it?  Well you're going to have to go back to the newsletter to look at it again, because I'm not putting the picture in here, LOL.

There's some cute little cheapies too for masculine cards.  You'll have to hurry into the store though because they came in during last week and I was selling them on the weekend. If you're out of luck this time though, ask us to order them in for you.  That's a great way of knowing that when whatever you want comes back into the store, we hold it off the shelf for you and give you a call to let you know it's here.

Last but not least I found these inspirational words on Ginger's House blogspot.  Hop on over to see them, they're worth the look and you can download and print them too.

Until later,  Happy Crafting


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