Friday, April 29, 2011

Did you? Were You?

Did you get up early, were you watching the Royal Wedding live?  Our household was up at 5am and watched as the closest Royals and Middleton family members were arriving at Westminster Abbey.  Then of course we had a glimpse of Kate getting into the car, but waited patiently to see her gown as she and her father stepped out of the car at the Abbey.  What a stunning gown she wore, beautiful in it's simplicity as was her sister Pippa's dress too.  Did you see all the hats as well?  What an assortment of fashions there were.

Last night Linda and I created hats for Rachel and Emily (Linda's two daughters) to wear to school.  With a barrette, some tulle, feathers, silk flowers, hot glue and some well placed stitches they had their own creation to go with the dresses they will wear for the celebration at school today of Kate and William's wedding.   Jonathan (my grandson) will be dressed in suit and tie with boutonierre and will no doubt look very handsome too.  Maybe there will be photos to follow on the blog later.

Getting up early this morning means it's going to be a long day because we have a midnight crop today.  Still no regrets at getting up as I've not missed a royal wedding yet and this one was spectacular too.



  1. I didn't get up early to watch, but set it to tape. Was finally able to sit down Saturday afternoon to watch. I hadn't seen any TV so had not see the little snippets of the wedding. Watched as everyone was arriving at the Abby. The excitement mounting. Kate is in the car on the way to the Abby, and the recording stopped. Well did I scramble to find a channel with reruns. Fortunately I managed to catch the ceremony half way through. What a stunning event.

  2. and people thought we were crazy getting up so early - at least we didn't have to contend with technical problems ... we probably couldn't have managed at such an early hour!