Monday, April 4, 2011

Crop Night Projects

     Looking for a little scrapbooking inspiration?  Well if you're not already registered for our upcoming Mega Crop Weekend there is still time ... but only three spaces left!  If you're not joining us then here's a look at some of what you'll be missing out on ....

     The whole idea of cropping together is to spark each other's creativity and to solve problems when we are stumped.  At one of our recent Crop Nights fellow scrapper Lucille was challenged by some damaged paper but with some help from Lilian a little creative placement of paper hid any blemishes!

     At the same Crop Night we also offered a single-page layout as our freebie project.  Lucille's daughter Katelyn did just what we always hope our scrappers will do - she took our idea and ran with it.  Katelynn used the same idea of using scrap strips of paper woven together to create a background for her page.  Take a look at how well she placed the patterns of her papers so that her Disney/Mickey theme is subtly repeated throughout the page.  I still have Disney pages to complete so I might be scraplifting this idea!

     So, if you find that you don't make the time while at home to get some of your scrapping done or if you feel like you need a some inspiration then be sure to sign up for our Mega Crop Weekend.  Time is passing quickly, the 15th of April will be here very soon!

                                                                            Thanks for sharing ladies!


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