Saturday, March 26, 2011

Whoo Hoo...One More Sleep and I'm Still Almost Sane!

We had a lovely class today, so if you weren't signed up you missed a great time.  I say this over and over again, but what a great bunch of ladies we have the pleasure of teaching!
They had a great time making ten different cards today.  Some very detailed and some stunningly simple.
We told them as soon as class started that they only had an hour heads went down and they got at it!   A couple of the ladies were done by 1:30pm how good was that! 
Remember though the idea isn't to see who's the fastest, just to have fun and get them done.
Here's a sampling of what they made today.  Look on our flickr site for all of them.

Have a great time crafting whilst I'm away enjoying the sun, sand and water.....such a hard job!


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