Thursday, March 3, 2011

Becoming One's Mother

Did you ever think when you were growing up that your Mother/Grandmother was a little off when she'd say things like..."my, the days do go by so fast". 
Did you ever think...that's so silly and I'm never going to say that, but do you say the same thing now, because I know I do? 
And I'm not uncomfortable saying that perhaps I'm getting more and more like my Mother and being a mother to whoever is around me.  Ask Tracey....she'll attest to that...LOL.  I wouldn't let her leave the store yesterday until she'd eaten the granola bar I gave her.  I was also mothering Emily in her Mommy's absence as she was home all day from school with a tummy bug.  Most unusual for Emily to be sick a whole day.

Speaking of Tracey you have to go to Impression Obsession blog and see the lovely card she submitted for the blue challenge, here's a peek.  You'll have to scroll down a bit on their blog to see her card  but worth the finger excercise. 

That said, you should also drop into the store to see more Impression Obsession stamps that just arrived today.  Don't leave it too long and find some are already sold out.   They have to be my most favourite background stamp.  Larger than average and price point is terrific.  You can take a plain piece of paper and magically make your own patterned paper with any of their background stamps.  Mixing and matching the backgrounds and the ink colours (distress inks are lovely this way) can make quite a unique piece of paper.

Did you see what the date is today?  It's the day when the whole world marches forth (March 4th).  Linda and I used to work with a young man who always came cheerfully into work on this day reminding us to do just that.  He lost his life to cancer many years ago now, but without fail on this day he is in our minds.  I was telling Emily about him today and hopefully she will wake up in the morning, jump out of bed and tell the family to march forth!  She always remembers the first of the month, so maybe she will remember this day too....LOL....her Mommy will be happily surprised if she does.  May God bless Rob's wife and daughters today.  Thinking of him brings a smile to our face, he is a happy memory to us.



  1. THANKS mom!!!! It's so nice to have the "Cheers" of craft stores to drop into on my way home from work...granola bars instead of beer LOL!Seriously I believe you saved my life! Off to "march fourth"!!!! Hugs, T

  2. Hugs right back at you my friend.
    Who knows what else you'll be the recipient of next time you're in to see us. In the past couple of weeks it's been motherly advice, sustenance and the perfect patterned paper to boot.
    Keep on coming back you may be surprised what else we have to offer.