Monday, April 22, 2013

Who Would Have Thought

....that you could have over thirty women in a room and it was so quiet that you could almost hear a pin drop?  That is of course except for the background music that was a hit too.

But that's the way it was sometimes over the weekend as we were all together with a group of happy scrappers.  If you didn't sign up, then you missed out on some lovely fun and laughter, opportunities to make new friends, and learn, learn, learn.

Here you see our lovely group along with their hard working kitchen staff.

Twenty scrappers took the opportunity to participate in the class that we offered where they were able to create two double page layouts.  Although it was a fast paced class, the general consensus was that it was time well spent.
The ladies got the opportunity to delve into the "Project Life" style of scrapbooking and although it's not for everyone, they were able to view a take on this style that they may well be able to incorporate into their own style.

The make and takes that were offered also caused them to try some techniques that they may never have tried otherwise too.  The style of flowers we made were well received, but we all learned that doodling isn't as easy as it seems, even with a sample to follow.

And the layouts that were oh my, such talent!  Often you think you will see the best from the seasoned scrapper, but the newbie can teach us to look with new eyes as well.  We always encourage our scrappers to wander around the room and look at the work that's created, because it truly is amazing.  

With the crop this past weekend and final prepping for that, I didn't get to surf the web so much but I do have things to share with you.

I thought I'd show you the iPhone case I made myself a few weeks ago, but I still can't show you the other felted pieces I've been making.   It only takes about an hour to make one of these and probably with felt squares at just 49 cents a piece. other than having to have a three colours, the overall cost with floss included is probably less than 50cents.

Not an embroiderer?  Then how about crocheting a case for your phone.  Here's a quick and easy one embellished with crocheted flowers too.

Maybe you prefer to knit rather than embroider or crochet though.  I found this lovely pattern here that I'm going to make some day, isn't it cute and even better it's knitted from the bottom up, so only the shoulder seams to sew and better yet,'s free!  What do you do when you find a pattern like this that you love?  do you print it out and store it ready for that day when you will knit it, or do you save it on your PC for a later date?  I've got it stored on my PC ready for the day I'll knit it up.

Here are some cute words that kind of go with the clothing theme above.  I found them on Ginger's house blog.

Well I still can't show you Rachel's finished project (she's got another idea in the works for later too), but she did share it with some of the scrappers this past weekend.  It will be given to her recipient in a couple of weeks as I travel around England, so after that Linda will likely share it with you.

With family stretched from the north to the south of England we will be doing a fair amount of travelling, with a quick three day excursion into Wales.  I'm not sure if I'll get the opportunity to upload any photos whilst we're away, but we are looking forward to seeing and walking through lots of lovely countryside around England and Wales which I'll share with you later if not sooner.

Until later...Happy Crafting,


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  1. Have a safe trip over, looking forward to meeting up with you both midway through you travels. Bring walking shoes and coats, we will provide the umbrellas!! By coming prepared for wet weather almost always means it will be dry........Don't you just love our English obsession with the weather! A tour of my craft room is on the agenda too, this will help Lilian is she has any withdrawl symptons.

    Loved the group photo of the weekend, I can see a few layouts being made around that photo. You all look happy, wonderful memories to keep.