Monday, April 15, 2013

Short but Hopefully Sweet.

That's what tonight's post will be, as Linda and I gear up for the coming weekend event, hopefully keeping all the balls in the air without dropping them.

We are also looking forward to a wonderful evening of entertainment this week as Rachel, Emily and Jonathan perform at the Rene Caisse Theatre in their school music program. 

So you see I'm rambling already ..hard to keep focused sometimes...LOL!

I have a new file now where I store ideas that I have through the week ready for the blog, hope it works for me.

One thing I did trip over last night was a website that I'd been to before and may even have shared before, but well worth sharing again in readiness for this weekend of scrapbooking.

How many times have you completed a page, but been unable to come up with a "catchy" title?     Take a look here and you'll find hundreds for you to choose from.  There's a menu bar on the left side in pink.  Scroll down to choose an idea, click on it and many more choices will open up for you.  Wonderful site when you are stuck for words.  Why not bookmark it for future reference.

Have you checked out our Flickr site lately to see what cards the ladies have been making at the Thursday Technique class and All Day Card Class?  Here are two they made at the All Day Class,  check out more here.

As Rachel has been making her gift that I will be presenting to the recipient soon, she had need to transfer some embroidery markings onto the fabric.  I recently read some raves about a product that we've now brought into the store, and which would have worked perfectly for Rachel.

It's called a Pilot Frixion Gel Pen.  You draw/write your design onto fabric and follow the design with your floss or thread.  Once you've completed the design you can use a warm iron/hair dryer/heat gun to heat the area and the pen lines disappear.
It's pure magic and at only $3.19 it would be worth it's weight in gold to an embroiderer, quilter or cross stitcher and likely needs to find a way into your stash.

Last but not least for our scrapbookers again, I wanted to share this that I found on

Now I'm not advocating violence, but know the feeling when someone messes with my stuff!

  Until later, Happy Crafting,



  1. I am seldom lost for words but IF I am in the future I will know exactly where to go now!!

    Great little website and so much content. One I have bookmarked for future use.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Pleased to have been of help. The trick now is to remember that you've bookmarked it!