Friday, September 21, 2012

Just Wanted to Share This With You

I heard that my nephew Brian along with his team mates were awarded the Queen's Jubilee Medal recently.  They received this from what I understand from Prime Minister Harper in Ottawa earlier this week.  From there they've been whisked around to a number of places to encourage and share their medals with others.

Here are a couple of links to some photos of Brian when he was at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.   A place where he was once a patient....what hope and encouragement for the children there now going through their own trials!   

Tap here to see one of the photos and here for another. This shows Brian with both his Olympic and Queen's Jubilee Medals.

Hats off to all the Olympians who are sharing their stories with fellow Canadians.  Generously giving of their time and also freely sharing their medals with anyone who would like to hold it or wear it.

For all you ladies who will be joining us for the crop weekend coming up and who are looking for layouts.  I found this layout on and loved all the curves to it.  I would probably add a couple more photos to this page and figure out another page to go with it, but a great starting point.

Sorry I've had to put all links in this time, but I'm doing it from the iPad and not so easy to capture and insert photos.

Until later, happy crafting,



  1. Awesome news!!! Thanks for sharing the great news and photos :)

  2. Thanks for sharing....I had read about the Olympian visits to Toronto and how heartwarming it was especially for the kids.... Lynda B.

  3. The visits from all the athletes bring such a bright spot of sunshine into the children's day and knowing that Brian was once where they are now, will bring them more hope for their future than any words spoken by their parents or doctors I think.