Monday, September 10, 2012

Crazy Crazy Days!

I'm sure there's someone following me moving things when I put them down!  How else can I possibly be losing so much in the last few days....well yes, I do find them again, so maybe I'm the problem???

Methinks I need a holiday!!!  Yay, hurry up Saturday

My sister asked me to try and come up with a spectacular Christmas card for her to make for her friend, so this is what I found. 
ChockFullofCheer073012bIt's the same style as I made for granddaughter Emily's birthday (I don't have a photo of that for some reason) and what we made in our Technique Class in August.  A spectacular card inasmuch as when the person opens it the gifts pop out, and yet surprisingly easy to make with a few simple measurements and cuts.
Certainly you realise that when you change up the papers a card can go from birthday to Christmas very easily. Have you seen some of the lovely Christmas papers we've been getting into the store in the last few weeks?  Don't miss out on the selection whilst it's there, because Christmas papers don't stick around long. 

We had some happy artists and crafters last week who enjoyed the blog special of instock canvas opportunity.  One happy crafter bought a large canvas for her daughter to create a piece of artwork in her room that she could change up when she chooses.  Could end up painted or with mix media on it, but certainly a great way to create an inexpensive decorator change in a room.

This week our special is in the needle arts section to celebrate Linda and my choice of travel crafting.  We will be, among other things as we journey to our destination, doing some cross stitching.  Mine is a counted cross stitch and I prepped my pattern today, enlarging it 200% so that I can read it easily as I travel.  I'm changing the colour of the Aida cloth, so I will prep the cloth tomorrow after purchasing it from the Craft Nook.  Linda's working on a stamped cross stitch, so she follows the colours stamped on the cloth.

Imogene WitchSo to celebrate our choice of craft, you can choose any in stock cross stitch and receive 35% off the regular retail price by mentioning that you read it on the blog.  The special as always will run from Thursday of this week until Monday of next week, so don't delay in coming in to get the best selection but not before Thursday.

And here, courtesy of Kreinek Threads, to further celebrate not only our choice of travel craft, but the upcoming season is a link to a freebie pattern.  Isn't she cute and don't you love her name (you'll have to click on the link to find out what it is)?  We have all the supplies you will need for this project, DMC floss, Kreinek Threads, Aida Cloth and needles.  If you've never tried this needle art, drop into the store when we get back from vacation for some pointers, it really is an easy art and though it can take some time to complete a piece, it's very relaxing too.

Well I'm not promising you much, if anything on the blog whilst we're away on holiday.  That means little or no blogging, and no specials until we return.
Be kind to our lovely Elaine as she holds down the fort with the help of Anita and Lizette. All three of them are just the nicest people you could hope to come in contact with in your day, so take time to drop in and say hello and they'll be happy to help you with your purchases.

Until later, Happy Crafting,



  1. Wishing you and all the family a wonderful time whilst you are away. Looking forward to seeing the scrap pages on your return. I'm sure you will have some candid moments to share.

  2. Oh! Above was from me, forgot to put my name.

  3. Kinda guessed it was you Aunty Di. The word "whilst" gave you away, not too many people use that word you know. Can you guess which needlework Mom is doing? Think about it, she gave you a clue in what she said in the blog.

  4. I guess you don't use the word erstwhile much either then! LOL
    I suspect Lilian will be doing something with Imogen!!!!

  5. Good guess on the needlework, but wrong. Lovely as she is, Imogene will wait until some other time. Think harder...I'm changing the Aida cloth.
    Erstwhile is a great word and could help you figure out the project I will be working on. Dig deep into your memory bank and ponder awhile.

  6. Still pondering....anyone out there HELP!

    Deep in thought Di