Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Fun!

Well though I'm certainly not a garage sale person, we certainly had some fun on Saturday!  The shoppers were thrilled with their bargains and the vendors were thrilled with their sales, so totally win win there.  Linda put a photo or two in the newsletter, here are a couple more.  Oh by the way, the official photographer was Emily, Linda's youngest.  Didn't she do a great job?

Did you enjoy Valentine's Day and get something nice from your "Sweetie"?  My Sweetie gave me an early gift and arrranged for me to meet him in Sudbury on Sunday.  I'd said I'd like to join him there for the few days he was away with the drama group from the High School, but hadn't really anticipated it in quite the unique way he arranged it.  Still the thought was there I'm sure!  The rose above I was lucky enough to receive from another "Sweetie".  He was a busy delivery man on Tuesday morning delivering similar roses to the ladies in his life.......seems to me that I've mistaken him for a florist delivery person in the past and yet he still treats me with love....such a sweet man.  Linda's blessed to have him.......though I've told him the same thing......take care of who you have, you're lucky to have her.

I'm trying to arrange a treat for all you scrapbookers in that my friend Edie is almost finished the Disney album she's been making for her daughter and she may allow us to post a few pages for you to look at.  She's an awesome scrapbooker and in my opinion not enough people get to see the lovely work she does.  She's been the lucky owner of a Silhouette machine for a year now, and on Tuesday went home from the store very excited about some of the new things Linda and I taught her to do on her machine.  She's got so many ideas now for future albums we're sure to enjoy what she will do. 

Are you a Silhouette owner who isn't using their machine to it's full potential?  If you're not sure of all the machine is capable of, then take time out for yourself and sign up to our crop nights which are held every other Friday night to learn a little more. 

Linda and I learned today how to place a fancy shape inside of another shape.  No not welding as that loses the inner shape.  (If you're taking the card class on March 3rd, you'll be one of the lucky recipients of today's learning curve.)  Do you know how to fill a word or shape with colour and make it into a print and cut?  These are just some of the things we can teach you on a Friday night, so keep it in mind.   

You don't have a Silhouette Cameo yet?  Well you're in luck because we have them back in stock again, so drop in and capture one for yourself before they're gone again.

Well as my Mother would say, I've blathered on for long enough, but I did promise a link or two for you needleartists and here they are.  Theres a lovely little Dutch girl here, perfect for household linens, just scroll down the page a little.  And here's another one and if you look down the right side bar on this blog they have some nice tutorials on stitches too. 

Anyway enjoy and happy crafting


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