Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's Getting Exciting!

Today we had a number of the Garage Sale Vendors dropping off their product and I might tell you that if you sleep in on Saturday, you will for sure miss some great bargains!  These Paper Crafters have divested themselves of some really good "stuff!"  I know you think.....why would I want/need someone else's "stuff"?  Well let me tell you that although they don't have a use for these products anymore, they are most certainly NOT useless products.  So be warned, you snooze, you lose.

This is going to be a pretty short post tonight, but I did have a couple of things to share with you, like the Garage Sale opportunity.  Also as I was surfing the web I came upon this really good tutorial that you may like to save to a folder somewhere in your PC.  Here's the link to it and a look at the finished product too.
Kudos to Tracy MacDonald for putting together this excellent tutorial.  You still have time to make it for your Valentine with some chocolates in it.

For the scrapbooker, have you ever looked at Sketch Support here?  Much as I love Page Maps, I think this runs a close second for me.  They show you a sketch and all week long will show you a variety of interpretations of it.  Don't you love that Disney layout?  So for all  you folk that are working on Disney albums...take note, a great resource.

Here's a quick look at what Linda was busy doing last weekend with her Silhouette.  Pretty nice don't you think...her dear husband was a pretty happy boy with the results and apparently Brendan (son) wants his snowmobile fancied up now.  No limit to that Silhouette except if your imagination is lacking.
Have you tried any wall art with yours yet?  All you need is a roll of the vinyl that we stock and type up the words of your choice.  There's all kinds of ideas out there for you to tap into.

Here's a great tutorial for you jewellery makers that want to make a Dutch Spiral bracelet or necklace.   Really clear instructions too.

Well I really am going now, not that this post was so short after all, but I tried, just hard to stop talking sometimes...LOL!  This is a family week for us with my sister-in-law's birthday yesterday (oops it's gone midnight so it wasn't yesterday after all, it was Tuesday) and my nephew's wedding this Saturday.  When we are busy setting up for your Garage Sale, he will be joined in marriage to a lovely lady.  Congratulations to Dan and Sonia on their upcoming marriage.  This was the wedding that his Mom and I were busily making invitations for last fall when she was here for a visit.

Happy Crafting, I'll try and find some needlearts for you next posting.


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