Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm back......did you miss me?

No we didn't fall overboard whilst on our cruise.  It was just that when we came back we took off running.  With three all day Christmas card classes for 66 ladies, a scrapbooking weekend with 40 ladies, as well as some regular classes, there was no time to think let alone blog!!
It took an email from a concerned customer today as well as hosting the last Christmas card class yesterday to make me feel ready to sit down and blog again.  So here I am.

There were so many things in the past few weeks that made me think...I must put that on the blog, that you will be inundated in the next days/weeks with stuff!  Hopefully it will be stuff to make you happy and feel creative.

Linda finished a lovely paper Christmas tree today that may spark your creative juices for the coming season.  As well we had a card class tonight and the ladies made yet another Christmas card along with two decorative tags and a greeting card.  They were busy ladies tonight and the store reverberated with their happy was fun.  I'll post those later on the Flickr site, though here's one tag to tease you and if you look closely you can see a corner of the other one.
Do you see that lovely green double sided satin ribbon bow and trim at the bottom?  Well from the time that tag was made to the time we went to cut the kits a whole roll of ribbon has gone missing in action!  We can't find it anywhere and unfortunately I have to 'fess up to being the one that likely lost it!  I'm notorious for having product in my hand and then going to help a customer and putting that which is in my hand down "somewhere" in the store.  Even today we were looking on the shelves for the roll of ribbon and couldn't find it, so the ladies at class had a similar colour but in grosgrain rather than satin...still it looked pretty.

Anyway I'm not going to make this a lengthy post tonight.  I will share a site with you that I found for some free fonts...never have enough of them and love them for cutting with my Silhouette for scrapbooking titles, gives me so much choice.  Click here to go and see them.   I really liked that Stampin Rachel font.

No I didn't forget to put the photo in of  the paper Christmas tree Linda made.  Here it is hope you enjoy.  I "bumped" the photo from my iphone to my ipad...ask me about that "app"'s really amazing technology.

So, to make the tree you have to go into your local scrapbooking and craft store, preferably the Craft Nook in Bracebridge. There you purchase a styrofoam cone, bell, sequin pins a small amount of braid trim and three papers of your choice.  We used two of one and one of another. The paper strips are cut at 4" x 1/2".  Easy peasy and done in very little time.  

Happy Crafting...

I'll be posting the cards that we did for the Christmas card classes onto the Flickr site in the next couple of days, so keep looking  for them.  Maybe they will offer you some inspiration too.



  1. Welcome back, good to catch up on what's been happening in Bracebridge. You've all been so busy creating cards; either by giving tution or by receiving lessons. I am looking forward to seeing your creations ladies.

  2. Yes,welcome back! You and Linda were definitely very busy after your cruise. Linda, your tree has given me the inspiration to make one for a friend who may not put her tree up due to cancer surgery. I'll take a picture and share when it is complete - no promise of when however! Glad to see your blog is back. Look forward to more postings and ideas... Lynda B.

  3. Hi Lynda, So glad we were able to inspire you to make the tree and "pay it forward" to your friend. Hopefully your gift will bring some sunshine into an otherwise cloudy time in her life. We are going to brush some glitter glue onto the "branches" in the next few days to give it some sparkle, so make sure you try that too. We secured the bell on the top (could be a star if you have one) by threading some wire through the bell loop and pushing the wire down the top of the styrofoam. Also we put glue on the top first and it's really secure.

  4. Hi Di, The cards and layouts will be posted to Flickr in the next few days we hope. As always though we are moving on to the next classes which will be a calendar class and quickie Christmas gifts. They are in the works now.

  5. Glad to see the blog up and sure has been a busy month for you ladies! As always, card class was fantastic and full of laughs! Looking forward to the next one!

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