Monday, November 7, 2011

Catching up - Slowly but surely

How does that saying go, slow and steady wins the race!  Well slowly but steadily we are getting caught up......however of course there are more classes in the planning stages!  So are we ever really caught up?  Never mind, it means that every day we have a task to perform, so that's good isn't it?  I've posted some more photos on Flickr tonight, so pop on over there to have a look.

In posting the October Thursday technique class I looked at this card again.   Made by stamping the oak leaves using the Tim Holtz Distress inks I really love the colours.  Need it be said that I'm a Fall colour person, born in the Fall of the year and now in the Fall of my life...LOL. 
With the Sizzix embossing folder behind the leaves, they look like they are swirling in the wind.

Did you enjoy the beautiful weekend we just had?  When we were outside yesterday, my husband pointed out that the temperature was a balmy 13 degrees Celsius.  (I can't not mention that as we were doing yardwork there were two ladies walking by who offered us pointers on how to work, but didn't stop to help!)  Then today Linda's husband was outside working dressed in shorts!  This November is one to enjoy and treasure as it shortens up the winter for us.  However after my granddaughter Rachel was at my home for a sewing lesson today after school, we realised that it had quickly become dark with the changing of the clocks this past weekend.

As I mentioned earlier in this posting, Linda and I have been busy planning and prepping some new classes for you, so be sure to check out the newsletter for dates.  Don't be slow in signing up and finding they are all full!

Here's a nice idea here if you are a sewer for making your own fabric storage boxes.  Though we don't sell fabric, we do sell the plastic canvas that was used between layers to stiffen the box.  Enjoy.


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