Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So Nice to Receive

Linda and I strive constantly to give our very best to the customers that enter our store.  We try to remember that when they enter the front door we have no idea the stresses and concerns they bring with them.  With that in mind we endeavour to be upbeat and cheerful with each of you.  It was truly lovely to receive on Tuesday morning this comment from one of our customers, one that we don't know by name even.  Here's what she sent us......

You and your staff are amazing.  You are so helpful and cheerful.  I love visiting your shop and do so at every opportunity.
Thanks for all you help and the wonderful supply of goodies.  Soon I shall be able to open up my own shop.   I have that much STUFF.
Thanks again.
Must admit we had a moment's concern when we read she would soon be able to open her own shop!

We are continuing to prepare for both the Mega Crop Weekend and the three Christmas Card Classes and they're coming along nicely.
The response to the Mega Crop Weekend was amazing with Wednesday bringing us to the point of me saying to Lizette...waiting list only now.   A number of croppers who aren't attending the whole weekend, have taken advantage of signing up for the class being offered.  Linda has the planning stages of the class well under control now along with some of the make and takes.

Thought I'd share these stylish rubber boots with you that I saw on a blog.  I really must remember to make note of the blogs I visit, but I surf and save so much without thinking I may share it later.  Don't they almost make you wish you lived in a rainy area!

Here's another interesting photo.  If we could only keep that perspective daily, what a much nicer world it would be.  Perhaps it's a design that could be incorporated into our home decor with the help of the Silhouette? 

And here's one last idea.  .Would be a great way to have a herb garden indoors don't you think.  A few mason jars, plumbing clamps and some boards and voila!  The only added thing I would do, with the help of my Silhouette, is label the jars

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  1. A Crop-o-dile Big Bite, gromments and some pretty ribbon and these are so doable! Thanks for the inspiration!:)

  2. I can just see these on your feet. Glad you were inspired by the photo, wish I could give credit to whoever dreamed it up initially. Who says our tools are just for scrapbooks? Have fun making them, send us a photo when you do....LOL.