Monday, September 19, 2011

Gosh I had no Idea!

Really I didn't realise how long it had been since I'd made an entry on the blog.  So much is going on in the background just now and quite honestly if you aren't a piece of cardstock, Christmas paper or patterned paper for a class, then you don't get much attention!   Linda and I have been steadily planning, cutting and prepping for all the classes that will come very quickly after our return from our cruise.

It's getting to be quite exciting as the time draws near.  The children are beginning to ask questions regarding safety aspects of both the flight and cruise.  Makes you realise how much goes on in their heads that you don't really expect.  Like why do you have to have a muster station and run through of how to put on your life preserver on the ship if the ship is safe?  Sigh....answer that one now.  I received an email from my sister in England to say that it was only four more sleeps.  By the time she would have read my response, it was only three more sleeps for her.  She's excited too I could tell.  She's joining us in Fort Lauderdale and coming on the cruise with us.  We've chartered a large van to take us all to Miami where we sail from.  There's a total of ten in our family group.  You'll have to ask me sometime when you're in the store about the confusion we had in the beginning with our's quite funny.

Because of all the prep work that's going on, I really don't have much to show you in the blog, but I did find this website that may be of interest to you if you're gathering fruit and veggies from your garden.  When I first came to Canada I couldn't understand why people spoke of doing their canning when in fact they were preserving in jars???  Anyway here's a website for printing some pretty labels to put on your jars, really nice when you are giving them as a gift. 
Don't limit your imagination to these alone though, design your own with the lovely background stamps from Impression Obsession if you own some.  You don't??? Drop into the store then and purchase a couple, they are so gorgeous.  There's not one that doesn't make you say WOW after you've stamped a piece of cardstock with it.  Here's one that I love to use with two or three colours of distress ink at the same time.
Cover-a-Card Flourishes   Or combine two like these together to make a stunning background paper
Cover-a-Card Spatter                Cover-a-Card Wavy Lines
Don't forget to look at the blog when we are away as I've got things lined up for you to enjoy still.


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