Friday, December 7, 2012

Guest Blogger and a Share

Linda has some more inspiring small crafts for you that she will be putting into her girlies Advent Boxes.  Great that you don't have to have them all ready for the first of December, you can slip them in along the way.
Here's what she's been busy making whilst I've been away.

 Aren't they just the cutest little crafts, the girls will love them.  Amazing what a little felt, chipboard, tongue depresser, bead and wooden bird can make up isn't it.  A sweet little snowman pin to wear all winter long.  A pinecone elf that just touches your heart with his pipecleaner legs and bead head.  And of course the lovely beaded snowflake earrings, they'll wear them often I'm sure.

And here's what another busy crafter has been up to.  Candice made 55 of these adorable Candy Cane Cards for her golf group.  Just look at the work she's put into them!  She made a little clothes hanger for each one, see the sewn felt toy bag too, the hat the coat....absolutely stunning work Candice and such attention to detail. 
For this effort you earn the title of
"Crafter Extroadinaire"

Being that I've been a little busy in the past few days, a fellow crafter has stepped in to fill the breech and blogged for us.  
The wonderful Internet is bringing this blogger to us from the U.K.   Having received numerous lessons through the Craft Nook, Di has fallen in love with both Distess and Alcohol Inks.  

But here, you read what she has to say.....

We have been tasked at work to make a gift for our Secret Santa gifts or provide the tools for someone to make something.......the additional request being that  it must be in a jar.  

My first thought was.....Ok, so where shall I go for this?  
Home made jam,  chutney,  Nah!  I’m not into cooking, the irony being I just open a jar !!! 
So thinking cap on.

The lady who I was tasked with creating a gift for  is a very appreciative person, who acknowledges the work put behind any gift.  In addition she  is rabbit mad and was heard declaring how she loved a little bunny air freshener she had seen for a car.  
Luckily this reached my ears too.  Once I had hunted out said rabbit I was up and running with the task for creating a gift around a rabbit and a jar!   Daunting!

I thought I’d share my efforts, I think it has come out ok and I  hope she will enjoy the gift as much as I enjoyed the creation.

Ears and tag card to go inside the jar

Tools usedcoffee jar, alcohol inks,  double sided tape,  glitter,  card stock, Christmas themed papers and embellishments, ribbon,  distressing inks, glue runner.
I think she will like it!   At least it is a secret if she doesn’t.  (Please don’t tell).  LOL 

Happy Crafting


Thanks Di for that lovely gift idea.  Using the jar that ordinarily would be thrown out was brilliant too, and such a difference once you coloured it with the Alcohol Ink.  Always good to repurpose items.   That tag card has been made over and over again since we presented the first class for it a few years ago.  Always a favourite,  I'm sure your co-worker will be thrilled to receive this gift.

Linda and I have more to share with you on Monday, so make sure you drop back to the blog to read about it. 

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