Monday, October 22, 2012

A Quick Update Post

I had planned on showing you some photos from both the first Christmas Card Class as well as the fabulouse Mega Crop weekend we just had, but time as always gets away on me.

Not that I've been idle tonight.  Rachel (my granddaughter) called me to ask if I could help her with her Hallowe'en costume tonight as she has dance each night this week.  She has her Dance Studio Hallowe'en party on friday and her costume needed to be made.  So that's what we were up to together for an hour or so, and now it's under control.  I cut and Rachel sewed up a plaid tunic for the main part of her costume.  We still have some fancy shoe covers to make, but between Linda and I that should be done too.

So here are the photos from the first Christmas Card Class we held on October 13th 2012. 

Of the 21 ladies, we had four mother and daughter groups in this class, plus Linda and myself. 

The morning began with everyone working steadily, but by lunchtime the rush was on as they realised their pace needed to be picked up.  In the end though, everyone had their cards stamped and any other technique accomplished on them, so that there would be simple assembly to complete them at home.
I can't show you the cards right now as we still  have two more classes to work on them, but here's a sneek peek at one of them.

Now before I leave you for the night, here's the weekly special that begins on Thursday of this week.

This was offered first at the crop weekend and a number of the participants took advantage of it, so there's not many left.  It's a great embellishment kit for both the scrapbooker and cardmaker, so don't delay in making sure you pick yours up before they are all gone!

Make sure you check back later this week as we show you some of the amazing work that was created at the Mega Crop Weekend and share some of the activity with you.

Until later, Happy Crafting


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