Monday, June 25, 2012

Contributing Guest Blogger - Diane

Have you ever wondered about blogging?  For crafters, it's a great way to share ideas and to inspire one another, but it does take time to blog and post.  You can imagine my surprise when I opened my email to find someone asking if they could make an entry onto our blog. 
GOSH yes I thought!!  Had to read it over first though....don't want to be advertising some competitive business on our blog after all is said and done.  What a beautifully written entry it was though.   So here it is for all of you to enjoy and if you'd like to contribute, please don't hesitate to do as Di suggests and email your contributions, ideas, photos, inspirations to us and we'd be happy to share them with all of our readers.  I'm sure they'd like a change sometimes from my ramblings....LOL!  

Here's what Di has to say.....

I was reading this blog and enjoying a tour around looking at all the scrap pages and cards, absorbing and feasting on the inspiration it was giving me.

I then stood back and thought to myself - WOW what a lot of hard work has gone into this blog, how do Lilian and Linda keep coming up with new ideas?  Maybe they could use a hand once in a while.

I was busy in my kitchen later on the same day and was still thinking about crafting.  Looking around I noticed  slim box I had cut diagonally across corner to corner, covered it and stamped it appropriately and now use it to store my tin foils, cling film wrap etc on end without them constantly falling over.  Looking around I realized I use many items for my crafting, which was not what they were intended to be used for.  I bet I'm not alone, that you all have adapted and reused items in some way to enhance your crafting storage and needs.   Why don't we all share our ideas of alternate uses for home gadgets that lend themselves to crafting.

I'll start, let's get the ball rolling and make this page a shared work of  art and inspiration....come on ladies crafting is made for sharing

Hints tips and alternative uses1. Spice rack used to store stickles, liquid pearls and paint

2. Cutlery drainer for pens glues and scissors

3. 2lts plastic Pepsi bottle cut down the long side used to store ribbons

4. Pringle tubes used to hold paint brushes neat and out of danger of curling up or getting dusty.

I've photographed some of my suggestions, but you don't have to photograph them, perhaps  a few words will paint the picture.
Lets give The Craft Nook ladies a break and contribute to this wonderful blog. which we all enjoy. 
We can't post directly to the blog, it's only right that all entries are given the once over so email away to the Craft Nook.
Looking forward to seeing and being inspired by your ingenuity.

Thanks so much Di for your contribution.  Hopefully more will decide to make a comment at the bottom of each blog entry, or even to send in an idea or two.
Happy Crafting

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